I’ve unpacked a suitcase but I'm dealing with another kind of luggage - a persistent feeling of sadness since the moment I opened my front door. It’s completely normal to feel a sense of letdown, it's called the vacation blues. However, I have no time for such feelings. I want to move on and start strict regime of physical exercises.

Are you living a boring life?

What are you really living for? For your kids? Well, the truth is, they don't need you as much as you think. The most of the time you're a burden for them.

Are you living for your professional career? Or better, are you living to work or you're working to live? A perspective does make a difference. 

I read a question on the internet: How do you find a career that can satisfy your personal and professional needs while pursuing your passion?

The answer is difficult if not impossible. I think these are nice words but for me the work is just work. You may become a manager, a supervisor, a director or even a vice president. And you may be living for your work, what else you can do with your time? Unfortunately, very little.

I can continue... are you living for your house, car or hobbies?... or for your spouse? OMG, for God's sake don't do that! That is the worse thing you can do to yourself. Don't live for your spouse or your parents. Leave them alone and touch them sporadically. 😉

So question remains... What are you living for? Ask yourself, and ask it now!

Deep inside you crave for something else

I see you, every day on the street, at a shopping mall, I see you and I feel so vividly your emptiness, yearning, confusion, the lacking of something. My feelings merge with you and then you disappear.

Nothing will happened to you, you will not change and you will not understand that your thoughts are  pulled over your mind and made you a slave.

Thoughts are memory, opinions and beliefs. You're constantly chatting in your head seeing and comparing yourself to others. You are completely unaware of your sense of existence. You don't have a clue what is it.

Your daily world, what you take for granted, your day-to-day existence is just a product of your imagination. The power of your delusions is staggering. I hope that one day you will realize that your beliefs and opinions are not necessary to successfully function in the world.

It’s wonderful if you have found meaning of your life. Finding a meaning in meaninglessness is a great accomplishment. But I don't believe you. You just fool yourself.

So, what is you main fault?

You live your life with mistaken identity.

The unrealistic perception of life is the base of all your problems. Not kids, not parents, neither your house nor car nor your job. Try to laugh at your life as many times as I can knowing very well that your laugh will not solve anything.

When I say "you", I'm just using that as an expression. There is no "you". You are just an object for me, the same as I am an object for you. It is the sense of existence that has identified with "you", the object, and then "you" imagine that you are a subject. But you will never be the subject because the sense of existence is a lie.

That's it. Try to see that for yourself.