It is said that all this, life and the world are unreal. When it is certified as unreal? Only when we understand that life and the world are a temporary phase, and in the process of that understanding our attention moves beyond appearances.

This play is just happening - we are not playing any part here. Ignorant people wrongly believe they are playing a part in this manifest world by simply imagining a player. But there is nothing going on deliberately in this world. All happening is spontaneous. No one can claim anything in this process.

When you stabilize your attention in the sense of presence and stay there, you will come to conclusion that this presence is also an illusion. It is the first ignorance, the presence is your "I am" sense. What you are, you are, you can only understand ignorance but not the truth. You are the truth.

When you recognize all as illusion you are knowledgeable and you don't say anything about life and the world. The nearer you get to the truth the more you lose interest in the world, but you continue acting as an ordinary person.

The sum and substance of awakening is nothing but to come to decision, make a judgement, about yourself and the world, what the world is and what you are. You must get rid of all other life's questions. Do not worry about the world. Start with the sense of presence, from your "I am" sense and then find out what is the world. Find out first the nature of your "I".

Spontaneously, uncalled for this "I am" has come on you. Observe it, what is it, stay as a witness, just be still. The mind is sprouting, creating endless stream of thoughts, expressing itself with various concepts. Do not identify with that, let it go. Don't be customer to your mind's concepts.

Observe the working of the mind, be a witness to the mind's flow but don't get lost in the mind. The basic fact is you are not the body and that must be clearer to you by now. However much you may think you have understood this knowledge, so long as you think that you, as an individual, have understood this, the individual identity is still there.

All your worldly activities are based on the individual identification. You as an individual want to have freedom, but you remain as an individual and that itself is only bondage.