Yesterday and today, I wrote couple of articles but I did not posted it. I have a lot to tell you my reader. Lockdown is going here in Canada, it is the state of emergency, it looks like the life is set on hold.

But, I think it is a time to stop writing blog because there is no more free speech out there. I cannot write what I really think about current situation and I'm not the only one.

My friend is moving from Toronto to Florida, he is buying a house there and he is leaving Canada for good. I may do the same, I will visit him and then decide.

Another my friend is getting vaccinated next week, he decided it is the right time to do it. I will postpone vaccination as far as I can. I firmly believe that human immune system is enough to fight covid virus, but who cares what I think.

So instead to write things about this dreaming world, lets listen Pedja Jovanovic. I like his interpretation of songs... I hope you will enjoy it...

And that's it.