Today I spoke with my father and we were talking about recent events. I told him that we sound very much alike one of my older cousin who, in his 60s, 30 years ago, was talking that the end of the world is imminent. My father and I laughed on this comparison and remembrance to my cousin.

But it is not laughing matter at all. The pandemic and lockdown are here, vaccination, vaccine passports, humans getting micro-chipped together with vanishing of our civil liberties... it is certain that we are going toward dark times, a global tyranny is ahead. No doubt about it.

I'm reading a lot these days, and I don't like conspiracy theories much because that is one way of thinking, although opposite from the general public beliefs these theories are very similar to the mainstream media. I don't like the mainstream, they are full of fake news and "adjusted" statistical data. The statistics is the worst kind of mathematics, any data can be presented in a way you want to.

What I like to read are insane stories, paradoxes, the mistakes of this dreaming matrix we call life. Absurd and stupidities of human ingenuity are the source of my endless entertainment.

At present time, the forefront of the absurd world's news is assigned to Ontario, Australia and New Zealand.

New lockdown measures have started in Ontario yesterday. And according to the one of such new measures, the police now has authority to stop anyone and ask for whereabouts. Today, Toronto policy rejected this and they said they will not follow government recommendation. Read more...

Australian government wants that every social media user are identified by official issued ID. The government recommends forcing social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and even dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to require government ID in order to use the services. They claim this would cut down on cyber harassment, trolling, and sexual violence.

In order to open or maintain an existing social media account, customers should be required by law to identify themselves to a platform

This is so absurd and pretty ironic given that requiring an ID to use Facebook or Bumble is totally fine, but requiring an ID to vote in the United States is considered racist.

New Zealand is banning the cigarettes smoking on its grounds. Read more ...

And maybe you will disagree with me but the fall in civil liberties actually started with smoking prohibitions all around world. It is bad for us to smoke, bad for others to inhale, and the prohibition was the way to protect smokers as well as non smokers... well, what a difference now, it is the same, covid is deadly virus and the government have to issue the measures to protect us... do you get the connection, no?

Now lets move to the beautiful island of St. Vincent and you have heard that the volcano has erupted last Monday. Well, the Prime Minister of St. Vincent ordered an emergency evacuation, and ships responded to the emergency to help evacuate residents, and neighboring countries like St. Lucia, Grenada, and Barbados agreed to give shelter to those in need.

But according to the Prime Minister, only those already vaccinated against Covid-19 were eligible for the emergency cruise ship evacuation, and relocation to other islands. All the other were presumably relying on land evacuation, through dangerous, ash-covered island roads.

Yes, the vaccine passport is coming increasingly handy. Another example of that comes from the University of Michigan who announced to students that 718 of them would have their access cards deactivated for all non-residential campus buildings.

Namely, these students had failed to take the required weekly Covid-19 test. So now they cannot access cafeterias, classrooms, gyms, and other campus amenities.

To attend any upcoming in-person event or activity on campus, all students will be required to complete the daily ResponsiBLUE app health questionnaire and weekly COVID-19 testing to meet U-M requirements for accessing campus buildings and facilities.

It is very difficult to find these kind of news on mainstream media. Censorship is everywhere. For example YouTube has censored panel of medical experts saying that they convey covid “misinformation”.

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis recently held a panel discussion to discuss recent research findings related to Covid-19. The expert panel included four professors of medicine from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford Universities, who are all PhDs and experts in a field of disease research.

The panel spoke against forcing children and vaccinated people to wear masks, and said there was no proof that lockdowns reduced the spread or death rates of Covid-19. And that was enough for YouTube to decide that these experts were spreading misinformation, and took down the video.

Lets finish this lengthy post with a gloomy prediction that they are strong forces that we should wear masks forever. In an article for NBC, Brown University professor Dr. Megan Ranney argued that masks should stick around even after Covid-19 is brought under control.

Dr. Ranney thinks everyone should keep wearing masks so that no one feels singled out. “By maintaining masking in crowded places for the rest of us — on public transportation, in malls, or in other indoor locations — we de stigmatize protecting the vulnerable.

Masks has nothing to do with the sickness, it is an representation of submission. However, according to Dr. Ranney, “It no longer signals that a person is sick, or that a person is strange… It is no longer scary or felt to be an imposition on our rights. Mask-wearing can simply signal that we care about others’ health, and about our own.

Absurdity or stupidity I am not sure. If you wish, read more...