Remembering My Twin Sister

I miss you

It makes no sense and it never will. On May 9, 2020 at 4 am, my niece told me a sad news. My twin sister passed away. I laid down on the floor of my bedroom and I cried. Nobody prepares you for that.

That was it. The end of her dreams. Her hopes faded away like a piece of paper down the drain. It really hurts. So badly. It makes you scream, it makes you angry. But there is nothing I could do.

I'm fond of life but I have never loved this world. This world is too painful to be a good place for living. I know my sister is in a better place now. I will miss her to the end of my life. I wrote a poem for her...

I saw your star faded from the sky
Only the memories I will hold
With my blessing you go
Turn your lights to a path that leads home

I'll see you again I cannot tell
I'll say this last goodbye
We came all this way

I bid you a very fond farewell

Death is an end to an individual. It is the end of a person. It is a death of a body but the emotions, feelings, desires and hopes continues. We, as something beyond consciousness, exist forever. So death is the end of one person, and at the same time, the beginning of a new life for someone and somewhere else.

Death of my sister have influenced my own life. I have been deeply touched and I'm still trying to find an explanation, to find a reason, a meaning of her death.

50-something years ago

August 2019, our last photo 😢

My twin sister, died from covid-19 on May 9, 2020

RIP, I'm living for you too