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I would never go back to the past. "Good old days" is a saying of people who have selective memory. Looking back at my past, I see it was nothing more than a preparation for what I am today.

People generally have a great nostalgia regarding youth, especially single mothers in their late 40s. Perhaps they enjoyed a few years of partying until dawn, nights of cheap wine, good friends and songs.

Maybe it was all so wild that they remember nothing at all. They are not aware that their mind make up things as they are getting older. 

Saturday afternoon, I'm choosing a shirt for tonight's party

I had a difficult week. A lot of work, problems and then more problems. I worked last night until almost 10 pm and again I did code promotion and some testing this morning. I just logged off from the work and now I am preparing for a party tonight. I am going to be with my friends, drink and maybe even dance.

I am satisfied with my present life, true, there are things I want to change and I'm working on it. As I drink this cup of coffee, now at 2:10 pm, cold Saturday in Toronto and I'm searching internet to see some facts about past and present. The truth is that, despite the pandemic, people today are much better than they were at any point in history of this shitty planet.

Here, I copy/paste some facts from the internet, a few points about how much better life has gotten around the world in the last 200 years:

- Life expectancy has more than doubled in the last 150 years to 71 years old after staying stagnant at around 30 for thousands of years

- Child mortality has plummeted in the last 200 years to about 4% of kids dying before 5 years old, down from over 40% in 1820

- Illiteracy has plunged to 14% today, down from 88% in 1800

- Extreme poverty has dropped to about 10% today, down from close to 90% in 1820

Despite this, people are still incredibly pessimistic especially in countries where things have improved the most. As recent poll in the U.S., Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Canada and France shows, people think that the world is getting worse, not better.

Or maybe this shirt... with American flag

I have explanation of why is there so much confusion. The material and scientific development of the world is not followed by spiritual development of people. While our material needs are satisfied and we live in much better conditions than before, the majority of people has failed to pay attention to spiritual awakening.

Why are you embarrassed by getting old? I noticed, the most people are afraid of getting old, but not really "afraid" they are rather ashamed. Somewhere around 50s they "gave up the fight", women gave up the sex, men gave up the women. And both men and women become fat, lazy and sick, dreaming and talking about "good old days".

Is this because you wish you would’ve done something different with your life? It is not yet late, don't be afraid, true, you won’t have enough time but you can do something for yourself now... 

If I can give you one advice, it would be order I Am That, the book by Nisargadatta Maharaj, and read it before you fall asleep. I guarantee, it will change your attitude towards the life...

From that book I compiled the most interesting teachings, you can read it here.