The most important thing in life is to place your attention prior to words

Suppose you are sitting quietly, nothing bothers you and then suddenly a concept appears - thoughts comes to your mind, for and against something, full mental discussion starts. That is nothing but imagination, in the center is always "me" and the concepts around and concerning "me", so you are very unhappy.

Then some other thoughts comes and the original concept and the unhappiness both disappear. Do you see? So long as you depend on the mind, the mind will always make you worried. That brings constant sadness.

Constant, undefined, sadness is the emotional state of the body-mind identification. If you completely identify "I am" sense with the body-mind, this sadness is bound to be there, in the background of everything. That is condition of individual consciousness.

It's now very common to hear people say, "I'm rather offended by that." As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... then a whine. "I find that offensive." It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. "I am offended by that." Well, so fucking what. - Stephen Fry

Do you lead a perfect life?

Like... perfect happiness in a perfect family with a plenty of sunshine and vegetables, with a perfect body doing even more perfect running in perfect green forest pursuing a wisdom to save the rest of humanity?

Are you living your life, waiting for the next moment to be even better than this one? Well...

In any given year so far, (2020 was worse), 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental health problem. By the time Canadians reach 40 years of age, 1 in 2 has, or have had, a mental illness. The terms "mental illness" refer to depression, anxiety, delusions... general dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Whatever you consider as happiness or unhappiness, all that depends on the meaning of words - and that is though, and that is mind. Only when "I" interprets what is in the mind, do "I" become happy or unhappy.

So long as the mind does not work it's interpretations, there is no question of being happy or unhappy. Move your attention of the sense of presence, the "I Am" sense out of mind. If you abide in the principle by which you know "I am" further from thoughts you will not be concerned about ego's problems.

The problem of Oooooooh

Did you know that only 25% of women are able to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse?

According to long-term studies, 50% of women have the orgasm once in a month, 20% once in a year, and 5% never have orgasms.

Can you imagine?

3 of 4 women can’t feel complete sexual pleasure and there is at least 1 of 4 who has never experienced an orgasm – even after decades of having sex.

No wonder that so many women over 40 have lost their desire for sex, have been emotionally abused and are fearful, or think that there is something wrong with them because they don’t feel the pleasure that they hear other women talk about.

The problem of orgasm is just a tip of the iceberg of modern living. I blame the orgasm problem to the fact that they take life a way too seriously.

Don't take life as something serious

Every day you are faced with traps that encourage you to take life seriously. You are faced with all kinds of frustrations, turning everyday situations into problems, constantly on the lookout for shit to complain about and worrying about a bunch of things that simply do not matter.

You are very sensitive, your ego is huge and you cannot tolerate simple truth. You get offended by rain, by look, gesture, words... especially words. "I am feeling offended" is an epidemic spreading across the world and the problem of sexuality is the consequence.

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re a carrier of the disease. It’s a mental condition whereby your ego, which is nothing else but an interpretation of the words, of your thoughts, grows up to the point where everything offends you. Symptoms may include hurt feelings, indignation, irritability, disappointment, grumpiness and an all-around allergic reaction to anyone who says or does something you don’t like. In one word - seriousness.

You try, you think, you plan, you work, and then there is no achievement. The thing that you desire never happens, it never comes. If life was a static, fixed thing - not dynamic and flowing - then you could achieve what you wanted, but then life would be a death. Life is life because it is dynamic, changing. You cannot predict its course, it is unpredictable. It is dynamic and flowing - always flowing nowhere.

If you are serious, then you cannot flow. Then you are frozen inside; then you become just a dead stone. Then there are resistances around you. You cannot melt, you cannot change as life changes. You have a fixed pattern, a fixed shape, and because of that shape you will resist change. Then you are not flowing with life, you are struggling against it. Seriousness creates frozen-ness, and frozen-ness creates struggle.

- Life is Not Serious, Osho

The grand cosmic joke is that there is nowhere to go and nothing to do. What you're having at this precise moment is all there is. That's it!

Be (place your attention) prior to the words

You are. Before any thoughts has come, before any words have spoken, stay put there only. Place your attention before thoughts, before beginning of words. Out of that state grows experience "I am". It is witnessing state of consciousness. Don't give scope for worries to obsess you. Let anything happen but stay put with calm strength of your confidence that you are just the observer.

You must be independent of all external forces, you should not hold on the anyone's apron strings, but you should dependent only on yourself. Don't hang on to words, don't interpret mind and thoughts. Be prior to the words.