My article in 2020 was more than a writing, it was a vision, the shitstorm is going on, it's unrolling in front of our eyes, as we speak.

In the article I said that your life is like a race car without an engine. It looks very cool, large house, a good job, happy kids... but it has no engine. You slip in behind the wheel and make whroom sounds and turn the wheel and shift gears and pretend you're rocketing toward happiness.

When you get tired of it in five or ten years, you'll get out of that exactly where you got into it. Lonely, tired and disappointed. You have missed the awakening my friend.

You're still imagining that you are living in a world of a democracy, and you may even still believe it, but in fact your life and fate is in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful and ultra-inhuman oligarchs. They may be called Deep State, or whatever. These non-humans are running our world without ever been elected.

We have all witnessed so called lockdown - school closures, stay home orders, shuttering of businesses, closure of entertainments events, blocked flights, and quickly we realized, there is a central plan unrolling and we are just a piece of insignificant and frightened subjects.

It all happened suddenly from mid-March last year in the course of only a few days, and to enormous shock on your part who had previously taken your freedom and rights for granted.

My friend, you are in the middle of a great turmoil that is changing you forever. You are the subject of a psychological manipulation of tremendous proportions. Your life as you know it is over. Wake up!

Have you ever wondered how much power a suggestion have, how magic actually works?

Some shaman from a native tribe curses someone and they fall dead in a few weeks. Must be magic right?

Well not exactly.

You see, the human body, especially the brain, is complex and extremely powerful.

The victim of the curse died. His cheeks became blanch and the eyes became glassy. His body started to tremble and the muscles twitch involuntarily. He seemed in great agony.Those words describing the victim before dropping dead were written by an eyewitness. There are psychologists who collected those accounts and researched it. They came up with a remarkable theory, because the victim believed he was doomed, he actually died.

What really happened?

First of all, the victim, his family, friends and enemies strongly believed in the curse. The psychologists thought the victim’s believes triggered a profound and persistent stress response — a flood of stress hormones sending the victim in a physiological shock. Their research had shown that one aspect of such a shock was a rapid and often fatal drop in blood pressure.

Normal autopsy could not detect this mechanism of death.

The human mind has enough power to let body die if it believes it will die.

The coronavirus hysteria is simply a snapshot for what's coming for all of us - life with the constant fear and the loss of individuality. It is the individual that makes the collective not the other way around! This is what I don't understand, how unaware humanity is, creating the reverse with all of its good intentions.

We get up in the morning, open the news and read... "Today there were 200 new infections in such and such place, 30 people have died as a result of Coronavirus," and on and on and on. It is very important to them to makes us believe in their lies. The mind does not make a difference. Once it starts believing, it is over, the biological response follows.

People do not have any inkling to see the big picture. They are not able to discern for themselves and tell what is a lie and what is truth anymore. I see the utter confusion and anxiety that grow by the day within people, not knowing what to believe to anymore.

A simple look at today's world and how people operate, they have become more and more like headless chickens, running around being busier than ever, anxious than ever, preoccupied with things that in reality do not matter, ever glued to their phones just like a junkie’s need for a fix.

I find it deeply disturbing to observe how people becoming more and more selfish. And the irony is that, they are everywhere: I see it in parliaments, in corporations, within the media, I see it in any human interaction; no one listens, only awaits their time to express their "willingness to follow" instructions from a Deep state bullshiters.

It is such a joke - human delegates, celebrities, government officials, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, wannabe-influences and whatnot - all communicate with the world and with each other via twitter and social media and applaud it to be as the greatest service to humanity.

Coronavirus will never pass, and social distancing will stay as a new type of consciousness that will become the new reality where fear will control the individual.

Think about a time, not far from now, where a face mask or anything that covers one’s face, will become an accessory for survival: Not a survival from a virus or a deadly bacteria, but a survival from other human beings.