Cheers for June Blues

If you didn't know, "June blues", according to urban dictionary, is the condition in which you seemingly feel like shit during the month of June. Hahaha at least, this is how I feel.

Yesterday, I have deleted lots of posts on this blog. I simply have no direction in life, and my writing does not seem right. In my life I get things completely opposite of my planning.

On Wednesday I blocked my ex narcissistic girlfriend for calls and text messages on my phone. I don't want to be in any connection with her, she has a boyfriend and I told her it was stupid to keep in touch.

Last night I was with my friend and we had a good dinner at Royal Meat. After dinner we went to Dark Horse and on the entrance, right there, I met her.

She was with her friends, I was shocked to see her. I was confused, I did not know what to say so I just stared there for 5 minutes or so. I felt awkward and was not happy meeting her. I noticed her friend, a "happily" married woman but she is leaving Canada next month.


... in Dark Horse I saw a couple that had fascinated me. The young girl was so in love, you can tell that by her constant look at the boyfriend, she hadn't noticed anything outside, for her it was just him. It was so obvious I wanted to puke. Haha I am joking.

Yes, it is true, the love is a blindness.

I was witnessing something extraordinary and some sense of sadness overcame me, evoking fond memories of the past. I order two shuts of tequila and two beers. I hate "LOVE", it is a bittersweet feeling, though ultimately it finishes in disappointment and nostalgia.

Nostalgia is a sinister friend, it lies because it excludes bad things and it keeps just a good memories. Those memories inspire a feeling of joy, high self-regard, belonging, and meaningfulness in life...

There is no reason for that, why hold onto past? It was nice, beautiful, wonderful. I let it go. New excitement awaits. It is a really strange how we want to hold on to the past while we hope for the better future. Well, it does not work that way.

So here is the June blues...

With my friend, a dinner at Royal Meat

I got sunburn last Sunday
A lot of drinking this June

I am using every opportunity to be outside

With my friend celebrating the longest day of the year.