Vast majority of people feel suspended in between the life they want and the life that they’ve been leading. A good word to describe such life would be... pathetic. If they are more educated, with more letters besides their name, the harder is for them to cope with the reality of daily life.

I would expect rich people to be happy but they're not. Some apathy, depression, loneliness surrounds them. They don't have problems on this earth and yet... they feel some sadness, the emptiness of  existence.

People without money have different kind of problems. Without much money, poor people blame themselves for it. And they hope that one day they will became rich and their problems will be gone. It won't.

I don't want to sound dark, I just want to explain that feeling financially secure doesn’t automatically turn your life into never ending orgasm.

I don’t know how it feels inside someone else’s skin I just try to look at the patterns of life and human behavior in general. I have concluded that we stubbornly cling to future, a fantasy, an escape route, a path of a destruction of the present moment. People with everything do this and people with nothing do this.

We project our hopes and fears into the future and run after anything we imagine we need. It may be peace and security, permanency, status and comfort or recognition. We're hoping that we will get something is the nice way of saying that we're unhappy of not having it. 

Over and over, new things become the old things and, as the moment of pleasure passes, we once again start looking for the next new things.

The very nature of desire is to be unfulfilled. The future where we will, once and for all, find ultimate security will never arrive. Striving for it is like a donkey trying to reach the carrot which dangles in front of its nose. Our future recede as fast as it is approached.

What is wrong with right now?

What is wrong with the present moment? Nothing wrong! And it is always like that.

All there is is the present moment. If we just stop for a moment, relax, and simply become aware of the present, there may arise the recognition of life as it should be. We can live fully in this certainty, this present moment, because it is complete, perfect, and it is what it is.

The universe has tricked us. Everything means everything and also everything means nothing. Our daily reality lies somewhere between these two extremes.