It is 10 minutes passed 5 PM, on this Monday, August 30, 2021 and I just finished 14th yoga practice this month. Tomorrow will be 15th and I am satisfied.

When I step into my mat for the practice, I leave all worries behind. My mind is quiet, I'm empty and peaceful. I practice Ashtanga every second day and that means I have to watch when I sleep and when I eat because the actual practice must be done when I am feeling rested with an empty stomach but not hungry.

I'm not comfortable being left with my own thoughts. I like the moments of silence. Ashtanga yoga offers a sense of peace that is so difficult to find in daily hectic life.

The 45 minutes of conscious breathing and muscles stretching. On the beginning, I say a prayer offering my gratitude to God to this life energy that sustains me and to the generations of teachers and students who have practised yoga and enabled me to practice today.


Since July I lost 4.1 kg

Ashtanga yoga follows a strict set series of postures, where the student synchronizes the breath with each posture. It is intense, challenging and at times, intimidating. But when practised right, it is calming to the mind and detoxifies the muscles and organs. It is rewarding.

I practice Ashtanga yoga since May 2006. In the early days of my practice, one day I stumbled upon the first series Ashtanga yoga class. I found myself already huffing and puffing, even though I was only first 15 minutes through the class. By the end of the class, I had no energy left, I could not breathe. Next five days I was in bed unable to move from sore muscles.

The first six months of practising Ashtanga yoga were so challenging in fact, that I almost wanted to give up my practice. There were no shortcuts in Ashtanga. No easy options. I went to the studio and my teacher had said that the first six months would be the most challenging. And then it gets better. Not easier. Just better.

 Today's headstand 😏

But, it did get better and not easier though and I found myself enjoying in difficulties that Ashtanga brings more and more. 

Now, I am 56 and I practice half primary every second day. I try to correct my standing postures, ensuring that I get the best out of the sequence. I slowly found my rhythm and saw great improvements in my poses as well as my daily body posture. Each practice takes me 45 minutes to complete. An extremely good workout!

At the end of my practice, I lay down in the shavasana - dead corpse pose, and I relax without thoughts. As I stand up, I pray for the wellness of my family, relatives and friends.

I stand up, roll up my mat, feeling happy and energized and ready for the challenges to come. My mind is at ease. Ashtanga, like all yoga, isn’t just good for the body, it also feeds the self-confidence, makes you skin bright and eyes to shine.