A boy put a parrot in a fridge and forgot about him. After 5 hours the boy opens the fridge and he tells to the parrot: "What do my eyes see here?"... The parrot replied: "a penguin, mother fucker!!!"

You know, this blog is a helpful tool, really, a sort of meditation, like in those no-toilet-paper moments where you just wants to explode swearing and talking profanities.

I found on YouTube video from some Guru a"great" advise, he says we should meditate with the sunrise. Get up at 4 am every morning to start our day with solid 3-4 hours of meditation. (?????) He says, such practice unleashes the volcano of energy which will carry you through the rest of our day. It is a way more effective thing to do than sleep.

When you for a brief moment see that the "you", that, what you take yourself to be, is a fiction – when you actually recognize this after so many decades of mediation, not just intellectually agree with it but actually see it – what happens? Nothing!

Nothing actually happens.

The "you" full of fear and emotions and delusions remain firmly in place. Well, not so firmly as before seeing it, but you still get caught up being fearful and selfish although you might understand the fiction of it. You may start recognizing your life as a drama, and that does bring some relief.

But there is no explanation of what life really is.

The fiction of the imagined self is damned pervasive and persistent. It’s everywhere, in every concept and emotion and thought. You're easily carried away by daily events instead recognizing the fiction of your life.

You will continue spending a great deal of effort maintaining the illusion of your life. You work very hard to make it as solid as possible and never venture too close to the meaning of it. Otherwise you would see right through it and find yourself looking into a mirage.


Expectation is bigger than you are.

Spirituality is hilarious. In fact, it is the best joke most of you will never quite get. It's the funniest thing I have encountered. I am amazed by affirmations, the New Age concept which refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment. Affirmations are a modern mantras.

My efforts are being supported by the universe; my dreams manifest into reality before my eyes!

To put this affirmation in simple terms, it’s a process by which you can create your reality by using the power of your thoughts. 

Instead of taking what the world offers you, accepting what you have, you don't give a fuck for fate and luck, you take a conscious and deliberate role in creating the world around you, by manifesting what you want... in your relationships, your life, your wealth – in fact, in every aspect of your life... No wonder there are so much sorrows around.

I am the architect of my life!

But sometimes you throw shit at yourself. The heart of New Age is here. If you dictate your wishes, the life will respond. 

It all started with the psychotherapist Carl Jung, who believed that our minds create a collective unconscious. Oh well, Carl Jung believed that for everything.

Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy!

And yesterday too. And day before yesterday.

Lets add one more...

People are dicks, love them anyway.

The great one, actually one of the best affirmation ever. People are dicks! It is good to have this in mind when somebody test your patience...

When you think about it, every set of negative circumstances, every bad event, every unpleasant encounter, in fact always starts with a thought in your mind. My advise to you is to maintain eye contact by placing attention before thoughts. That's it. 😉