Hello my friend, you’ve gone through a tough period of your life. In last two years, your life perspective of society, you are part of, has changed drastically. Without any doubt, you’re no longer the same person you were two years ago.
Do you agree with me? You've lost your sense of peace and alignment with the world, you feel like you’re on the verge of depression.

What has happened?

You read my blog on daily basis and I know, you are highly sensitive, intelligent and unusually perceptive, and, chances are you probably have a depression.

Depression is a topic that I frequently write about. I read internet articles about it, the remedies, theories, and personal stories of suffering of people who feel alienated from the very life they lead.

I don't know your exact story but I feel it is something wrong with your life. What you are experiencing has nothing to do with your financial situation, relationship status, your gaining weight and loosing hair.

What you’re experiencing is a beginning of awakening. It’s not your fault that you, somehow expect and relate the awakening to a great love, bliss and happiness, you've read from numerous New Age sources. You think awakening is a heart based spirituality and that is a big mistake.

Going through a spiritual awakening is one of the most confusing, lonely and painful experience in life. You lived your life by being ignorant, you went throughout life pursuing the money and love in an attempt to find “happiness”.

And then something happened, the thing you've least expected. Something you did not plan and you found yourself in situation you could not had imagined. Events have shaken everything up like a tornado. 

Welcome to the awakening!

The beginning of awakening starts by clear seeing through the lies and illusions of the world. Deep in your gut, you realize that nothing external has ever, and can ever, bring you happiness. This profound realization leaves you craving for something else.

So, you are here on these pages looking for answers, for a direction, looking for your lost feeling of creativity and joy because you feel lost, alone and empty. 


- I was like that little girl in your first book, she continues. - I started seeing this whole human transport system: me and the same few hundred people I saw every day but never spoke to, just shuttling back and forth like mindless sheep, all with our newspapers, laptops, headsets. I'd think about it, of the whole world stuck in this same huge machine, getting endlessly, pointlessly processed. Old ones falling out and new ones replacing them. 

- Every morning these steel tubes all around the world, carrying millions of people, pumping them like fresh blood into graveyard cities and pumping them back out at night, dirty and tired. Like a brotherhood of sheep, of captivity, of mindlessness, of lives unlived, of empty activity. Everyone, though: not just commuters. Clerks in stores, cops, bus drivers, everyone you see. 

- You get inserted into this machine when you're four or five and you don't come out the other end until your sixties. Once you start seeing this place for the madhouse it is, you can't stop seeing it that way. It's everywhere, everyone. It doesn't make any sense. That's not life. It can't be. I don't know what it is, but it's not life.' 

- And for what? Lisa continues. - This wasn't for a few months or even years. this was our whole life! We were trapped! Fifteen years of it! Isn't that nuts? And for what? To raise kids? That's just an excuse. Anyone can raise kids: you don't have to live in constant soul-crushing servitude to do it.

- One day I asked DJ what he really wanted out of life and he said he wanted to be a dentist just like daddy. It was like being kicked in the stomach. She shakes her head sadly. - And you know, it's not just that it's a terrible way to live: it's not really life at all. It's not something you choose, it's what you get when you don't choose. We just marched ourselves into these damned idiotic, impossible lives without ever stopping to think about what we were doing. High school, college, post-grad and then straight into the workforce. Get married. have a kid, borrow money, buy a house. fill it with junk. have another kid, borrow more money. bigger house, more junk. It's completely insane, but that's how everyone I know lived. 

- Affluenza. they call it. like a disease. That's what it is. For the last seven years we've been struggling just to make the minimum payments on our debt.

- And this was all pretty normal?

She laughs bitterly - Everyone I knew was the same way. Some at a higher income level, some lower, but I think practically everyone we knew was dangerously over-extended in every direction. Money, time, work, responsibilities. We were doing everything right and we didn't really have any misfortune: no tragedies or health issues. 

- We've been members of the local country club for ten years. Yes, we were living the American dream. Exhausted, broke, not good parents, not happy. and now split up. 

- Jed McKenna, Spiritual Warfare