Beyond strong body is strong mind
Beyond strong mind is no thoughts
Beyond no thoughts is "I am" sense (Presence)
Beyond "I am" (Presence) is witness of "I am" (Absence)
Beyond witness of "I am" (Absence) is YOU

Somebody has sold you idea that you were born and that memory stays very firm with you. Initially, you did not have this memory but your mother or somebody else rammed it down your throat. Subsequently, this concept was constantly reinforced with steady effort like driving a nail into wall. As a result, that memory has become very strong with you, ultimately, this very concept is strangling you.

In the absence of presence, do you know your existence, in such case, both world and joy of existence are worthless for you. They acquired value only when you come to know that you exists, when you feel the sense of presence. In fact, until then nothing was of any value to you.

The sense of presence you feel is a product of food you eat and air you breathe (vital breath). It is an interruption of the general sense of presence and it is caused by your body. It makes u feel "I am", "I exist". The thoughts or so called mind is an outflow of ever moving vital breath.

Due to your firm identification with the body/mind "I am" became the memory of "I am" and it is neither true nor false, it is without these attributes. It just appear that it exist. When you no longer see the world as a collective of names and forms, as objects or bodies, you are seeing everything as knowledge. Then comes real understanding, it is without color and design.

When you are in that state, the state of observing the world as a knowledge, you are actually observing your mind flow and any thought occurring to you, you are apart from body and mind. Thus you are in the presence and that is the first stage.

The entire practice on this level is to realize that "you are" is all manifest. The realization involves factual experience that the world is reflection of yourself, that "providing you are - everything is". You are the primary cause, the prerequisite for anything else to exist,

The practice is to stay fully aware in the presence, in the "I am" sense, your attention should be there in consciousness only. After you stay in that state for a while, you will realize that you are actually observing "I am" sense, so whatever you can observe you are not that. You become observer of the presence. That is self-realization. You realize that you are beyond presence and absence (of presence).

You are just like a space, without any attributes, the sense of "I am" (presence) comes as a day and absence (of the presence) comes as a night, but you, the space are always regardless of appearance of day and night. You are That. The last stage of self-realization is conviction. It is behaving in this world in this manner.

Whatever you see it is always changing, that is the nature of consciousness, of the presence. Only what changes you can witness but you, the witness, is not changing. When you see things time comes in place. Time is driver of changes so it's making witnessing possible.

Time, presence, consciousness, beingness, existence and "I am" sense are all the same. It is just different names for the same thing. Give up all trash of your worries in this world. Understand one thing, "I-amness" is God and it is there only as long as the vital breath (life force) is there.

The touch of that "I-amness" is imposed on you, it is your sense of "I am". Be that! Find out what is it? How you know yourself? From where "I am" sense comes? Do not think about it, thoughts have come after and you have to stay before "I am" sense. You are before "I am" sense only when you are in position to observe, to witness, your "I am" sense.

Right now, give all your attention to "I am" sense. Investigate what is it, study it without thoughts. It is easy if you get it and impossible if you don't. Intellectuals and thinkers can not understand this. Just try to be, just be, and all answers will sprout from within. Good luck.