Good morning Ladies, Gentlemen, Transgenders and Non-binary people,
I think I included everyone

welcome aboard on this blogging adventure. 

Today is a special day, today is a celebration, I'm about to write 227th post in the last edition of saga. Yeah, 227 junk articles filling out the internet. Put a face mask on take off the shoes, you're on the flight to nowhere.

Sometimes, not so often, I'm asked how to start blogging by people who would like to write something exciting, some articles that will be read by delight from an audience hungry for more. Perhaps they see that their important views should be spread by google search far across the globe.

When I get that question I am really confused. Regular daily blogging is a hard and ultimately disappointed endeavor. I asked them if they have read my blog, did they noticed that after some time of reading it, they just got bored and they moved away. No exceptions. But, I remind them, I'm still standing my ground and I go on typing words on this keyboard, writing and re-writing my own brand of bullshit. statistics... it was long time ago

I started blogging on December 6, 2012. What have I done for these 10 years? Nothing. 

I have all my articles since the beginning of blogging and sometimes I'm reading it. I cannot believe I wrote such stupidities. So, I cannot say that I will feel the same 10 years from now when I read these words.

Anyway, I decided today to describe for all of you who would like to start blogging, I mean daily writing about... hmmm, about what?... I would like to describe the feeling and the process of creating an unpopular blog, the blog not followed by anyone.

In order to write an unpopular blog, you have to stop worrying about how many people and who, actually read your blog. Say to yourself, the measure of success of your writings is not the number of page views. That is a lie but so what. Every single article you're writing with love so the look at page views leads to fear, anger and on the end brings you the endless suffering. haha

You can write just about anything, frankly, nobody will read it. Nobody cares about your points of view. This means that not even your friends would take any time to look at your musings.

Instead, of being page views motivated, you need to have an internal desire to write, today and tomorrow and next day. You might have a burning need to release what you're thinking about, out to the universe at large.

Tell us about your love for a special tv show or some knowledge or hobby that you think needs a greater audience. Or you could be like me and describe your life as something very important. Be arrogant enough and think that your opinions should be recorded for prosperity of next generations.

Daily writing is difficult, no, that is not the exact word, rather, it is tedious. 

A blog is like a plant in your living room, if you leave it alone for a week it's start drying up and it will die after a month of neglect. This is a huge problem, because you go for weeks at a time without nothing going on in your life and not being inspired to write anything.

The trick is to read your own blog. That is not only good for the page views statistics but also you get to know yourself better. You don't need to write anything, just read. 

You can improve your sentences, change titles, photos, fix spelling mistakes. This will keep things going and eventually you get an idea for your next peace of magnificence.

This post is in the FUN category but it turned out to be a little negative.

That's how it is. Blogging can be a very rewarding experience, especially if you receive emails regarding certain article. Feel free to email me and let me know if I have somehow inspired you to start your own project. I probably won't read it.