Next year will be my year. I'm going to to turn around every corner of my existence. Physical practice, exercise and heathy living will be my main priority. I want to look and feel good.

The main goal of 2022 will still be self-realization but this time I'm not going to be serious about it. Let things, events and people come into my life and go on its own way. I will be passive observer of everything that comes my way.

Only in the filed of my laziness I will not be passive observer. I am going to eat healthier than ever before, smoke less and drink less but exercise more and do yoga everyday. 

I am so motivated to do the changes in my life. In 2021 I have stayed stuck in the moment. You know that song, "stuck in the moment and can't get out of it"... I 'll post it.

I just came from gym and I feel excellent, tired but happy. My muscles are tense and I like it. I will continue doing yoga in the morning and gym in the afternoon but in 2022 that will be daily routine.

In 2022 I want to get in love. I want to have a girlfriend with whom I can share everything. Lack of sex is my big problem. I mean I did not have sex in more than half a year, what a fuck, what life I'm having...

This post is short, I have no other plans for 2022. Stuck in the moment overthinking the most simple things... fuck all of that, lets go out of it.