I added gym into my daily routine. There are two weeks until my trip and besides practicing yoga, I'll go to gym everyday to get in shape. I am almost 57 but regardless of my age I want to look young.

Today is Thursday, the planning day, new tasks are awaiting me. In next two weeks, I'll be very busy at work. That is a good thing, time will pass quickly.

My dear friend, how is life for you? Are you getting any younger? Are you in love or close to it? Do you have the same urge like me to exercise and look good?

I have a friend looking now better than ever before and he is 58. He does not miss daily gym, he eats well, according to the rules and he is amazingly fit. He is a motivation force for me to do the same. If he can do it I can do it as well.

It is difficult to get motivation to change things. Struggling to change in the ways we want to is our common experience. Daily ashtanga yoga is not easy or fun. Many days it leaves you empty and tired without wish to do anything else.

No matter what my excuses are - not enough time, not enough energy, not enough money – it all comes down to the one thing - How can I find more motivation to make positive changes in my life? 

There are so many books out there meant to help me take the necessary steps toward achieving change – to become more organized, say, or more confident, or more ambitious, or to eat more healthily. They tell me what I need to do to change, and that’s great if I'm ready to commit to it. 

But my problem isn’t so much that I don’t know what to do, rather for whatever reason, I can’t even get myself started. So I broke up that spell yesterday and I went to gym after yoga practice and I felt so good. I had dinner, just an apple and dried fruits.

Then I went to Kennedys and met my friends but I did not drink a lot at all. Just one tequila shot, it was -8 C and I walked over there. After that I had a beer, talk to my friends and left home at 10 pm. That's a big change in my behavior. I use to have 3 to 4 beers per night.

For better or for worse, the love is a most powerful motivation factor. The excitement, energy, and euphoria I feel a t the moment! I am motivated to clean up my life because I want her to have a positive impression when he sees me. 

True, the love can make you acquire some bad habits but I will not about it. Right now, I'm talking about making myself to a higher standards and goals.

A group of researchers examined the parts of the brain activated by romantic love. They found that romantic love is associated with the reward and goal-seeking regions of our gray matter. Their conclusion: "...rather than being a specific emotion, romantic love is better characterized as a motivation or goal-oriented state that leads to various specific emotions such as euphoria or anxiety.

Do you see, even I never met her she is already motivating me to be better. I wish you the same, find yourself falling in love, and you feel those "love hormones" coursing through your body and brain... use it to change your habits for the better.

It feels great.