Yesterday. I woke up around 4 am with tremendous pain in the right eye. The same pain I had a day before the trip to Amsterdam. I was terrified, because I just finished taking antibiotics for that eye. I immediately knew that the pain is not related to inflammation at all.

I was in panic. My friend told me that this pain is usually sign of eye glaucoma and it is very dangerous because the the pressure can destroy the eye nerve. 

Quickly, I shaved and dressed completely. I found on the internet that Eye Clinic opens at 8:30 am. The clinic is located at the same building I am working so I was there ten years ago. 

I was eagerly awaiting 8 am to go there. The pain was tremendous, I took double Tylenol but it did not help at all. Finally at 8 I went on subway.

The clinic opened at 9 am and they accepted me on emergency basis. Doctor who examined my eye, a tall, Chinese, beautiful lady, told me that my right eye pressure is 55% and that is very dangerous. She prescribed me drops which I took from near by pharmacy. She started giving me drops every 15 minutes in next hour. She was really great and patient with me.

She measured the eye pressure again and it was down to 40% and she said it is still high so she gave me one pill and she told me this will do the trick. I took the pill and after 30 minutes the pressure went down to 20%. Finally she said it is okay now.

The doctor made emergency appointment for me to Mont Sinai Hospital, which is just across the street to visit doctor there and to do emergency laser cut surgery for the gray area of the eye, to make a hole there so that build up of eye pressure will never be returned again. She suggested I do that on both eyes.

I went to the hospital around 1:30 pm, the appointment was set at 2. The covid measures for the entrance to the hospital are in place, I had to show my covid vaccination pass, measure body temperature, replace face mask and disinfected hands and face. They took preliminary screening of the eyes and finally I saw doctor around 3 pm.

The hospital doctor called other doctors and each of them examined my eye very carefully. The conclusion was that my eyes have very narrow channels for fluid and there is not enough of fluids so that eye pressure is building up. They concluded this is a kind of glaucoma and that surgery is required immediately.

I signed the papers, my consent, and at 4 pm they performed laser cut on both eyes. It was hurtful and painful but it was over. I stayed after the surgery 30 minutes and they measured eye pressure, one eye 8 another eye 10. They say it is okay to go home and they scheduled checkup in seven days.

I am so lucky to live in Canada with so many wonderful people. Doctor told me that I was in danger because the high eye pressure was for too long present but fortunately I came to see them. 

I feel good now, I am taking drops to calm down all these irritations. I am going to do yoga practice in the afternoon and gym in the night, I am back to regular routine looking forward to my trip to Serbia.