I stopped writing this blog at the end of September and I wrote Illusion vs. Reality blog using Ghost Platform. Well, I did  not like it. So, here I am again, on Blogger, writing the blog about nothing.

What has happened in meantime? 

Not much. I am still crazy, that is the only constant in the last two months. I tried to change some things in my life but I did not succeeded. I'm slowly realizing that I can't change anything. The events are happening on their own.

I still go out with my friends and drink and smoke a lot. I still struggle with yoga practice, only 7 practices in October and 11 in November. I'm still overweight, I have to slim 4 to 5 kg. I am again in debt but that is another story.

I got fully vaccinated. That's may surprise you, I was an anti-vaxer but I changed my mind. Now I can go to restaurants, I can travel. 

In the early November I decided to do that. I got close to a woman from my country and I decided to meet her in Amsterdam on December 1. All was good and nice until a day before trip when I got sick. My right eye got such bad inflammation so I had to cancel the trip. 

I lost $3000 because it was No Show flight status, without cancellation, so I could not get future travel credit. Also my hotel was fully refundable until December 29 but my cancellation came after that.

I got well quickly but I lost opportunity to meet a woman that I started liking alot. So, two days ago, I decided to visit Serbia for Christmas time. I'm traveling back home. I reserved a hotel in Belgrade where I will stay. 16 nights. From there I will go around, meet her, meet my father and cousins.

She will be waiting me on the airport. I am very much excited to finally meet her. We texted on Viber for more than a year now. The plan is to spend a New Years Eve together but there is no details where.

Like so many other people, she does not like blogs and she does not understand why I'm writing all this. Why I have this urge to tell people about my life. Well, I was thinking about it. 

Why I'm doing this, I really don't know. I have a lot of readers, on average 20 to 50 per day, in the best times I had more than 1000 readers per day but during years it all came down to the same stories about awakening.

In this, let's say new beginning of my blog writing, I will avoid giving you any advises. Things in life happened not because we made them, they happen on its own. I'm very much sure about it.

We may have general interest but what will come from our desires is not always according to our wishes. So this time, after Amsterdam debacle, I am trying to calm down myself, put down the excitement and lower down expectations about my trip home.