My dear friends 

Happy New Year !!!!  I wish you a lot of health and wealth in new 2022. I am writing these words from Belgrade Hotel I am staying in. I am here 10 days and 7 more days is left before I return to Toronto. 

I have a wonderful time. I arrived in the hotel on Saturday and since then I party all the time. I met my friends and relatives, visited my father and I am just waiting for my niece to go for a lunch. 

I am with my girlfriend and she is an amazing person. I promised her not to write or post her photos so there will be no details. I just want to say... I am in love.

The New Year's Eve we spend at Skadarlija and we had a blast. 

I'm going out every night with my friends. During a day I spend mostly in bed recovering from the previous night hangovers. 😊 Of course, I am joking but it is a crazy time in Belgrade. Hotel is almost empty, people have left, the New Years parties are over.

I will be going to for Serbian Christmas with my niece and nephew to visit my father and I will stay there 2 nights, then returning to Belgrade to get PCR test and get ready for return on next Monday.

I wish you wonderful year... 

Greetings from Belgrade

Belgrade night life

My family