Do you have courage to say how you really feel and what you really think? 

I don't think so. No one has the courage, otherwise it would be mess in this society, almost an anarchy.  

I'm different, on these pages I say exactly what I feel and think. I don't bullshit.

Just be! 

That is a recipe for enlightenment. 

Everything is happening in a dream, in my imagination. My experiences are unreal and false. There is only one true principle - that "I am". Because "I am", everything is. I hold on firmly to That.

What is my aim anyway? Do I really want this, this life, this people around me, this spiritual knowledge? I have heard what a main practice is and now I should live accordingly remaining within this knowledge.

However, I am indulging in worldly activities continually looking to find meaningful answers. But there are no answers just questions.

To become established in the "I am" knowledge, reflecting and meditating is essential. For that, it is necessary to quit my destructible habits of going out and drinking and replace them with a new habit of thinking, speaking and behaving in a different way.

Only when I am absolutely one with the knowledge of "I am", when my attention is fully placed on the presence, there is no trace of thoughts. And I must be there at all times. I should stay there and keep quiet. 

There is tremendous importance of the words in life

Thoughts are expressed through words. Without words there is no communication. In fact there could be no activity, no "busy-ness" at all. The world goes on because of the words and the names. People, to operate in the world, must be identified by the name.

That is how imagination is created.

Who is reading this, who are you? Are you a person who sees himself as existing in time and space, with the birth of the physical body as a base point? All that is imagination and a main misunderstanding is cause of all suffering in this world.

A person is purely a bundle of memories, habits and imagination, the sheer ignorance having no basis in reality. What was there before this body came into being, only that will remain after its disappearance, and before the body is gone on that final day, even the memory of existence will disappear.

Whatever happens between appearance and disappearance of the body are memories and whatever is accumulated is merely entertainment.

Our memory will disappear 

I need to keep in mind this fact and understand it fully, accept it and stop caring whether my body remains or goes.

Being alone without considering daily events is of a tremendous importance. By daily meditation, being in "I am" the mind becomes purified and it attains stability of no thoughts. That is a strong mind.

And when the mind is stable and strong, this teaching becomes intelligible. Without such purification it is not possible for you to understand what I am talking about here.

Unless there is some responsibility my life would be just collection of random events. I see myself and whatever is happening around me as it is from "outside", I see everything as a play of lights and words.

I'm detaching myself from other people and worldly activities. My spiritual practice is a discipline of an empty, stable and strong mind. There is only "I am" sense. Just be.