My friends, you can tell, I really like writing. This post is in FUN category because it is really funny and it should be taken like that.

You see, if it is up to me I will tell you everything, all details of my life. But then I have to mention other people and they have a problem with it. As I see it, people prefer pleasant lies over honest truth.

Honestly is dangerous. Do you remember a post from my old blog: I Masturbated Every Day for 7 Days and This is What Happened. You don't remember, well, well.

Please don't read my blog if you think I'm talking directly to you. I don't write such personal posts. I speak to the universe at large, if you take things personally you may hear something you don't want to hear. 

Being a straightforward, honest and blunt I really don't care what do you think about me, but others do want the high opinions.

Anyway, what I want to say tonight is to go straight to the question:

 Am I with my girlfriend, in this long distance relationship, just because I cannot find anyone here in Toronto? 

She asked me that question and when I say it's not nice question she just repeated it.

I take the question as intriguing and offensive. It's a good thing that I am not an offensive type of a guy. I asked her back the same thing and she was a bit stunned.

I read my old blog and I got these text messages from it and I decided to write about this. 

Last year in September I was on doing online dating.

I did not feel satisfied going out on such dates, they became away too boring for me. I felt like a fool going on dinners and repeating the same things all over again... how long I am divorced, what I do for living, what I like... mostly mundane and predictable stuff. The dates felt like job interviews.

Another point I want to make. I removed all traces from my online dating a long before I met my girlfriend. I simply stopped being interested in going out during lockdown time. Also, I have no money to waste on these dinners and no patience to listen to complicated creatures which man often don't enjoy..

I am an attractive, normal person with sensibility and intelligence so when I was on I was asked on a date or two per a week.  But I wanted to be free.

I think I have answered the question. 😔