Yesterday's dinner with my daughter

Quietly, I've became content with who I am. My life and the world at large have been changed. I have restarted meditation and I'm doing yoga and suddenly, all is good.

An exhausting, demoralizing stream of feeling lost and being scared for the future is gone. I've stopped myself of being anxious and overwhelmed by the incessant barrage of negative headlines. My spiritual understanding, I've acquired in the past, has brought me back to stability. 

Being engaged with a world is dangerous and it feels endlessly frustrating if not crazy and frightening. I got time for self-care and for spiritual renewal - at least, I avoid being sucked into the wheel of daily inanities, damaging depression and work burnouts.

It is Wednesday, March 23, 2022, around 8:30 pm and I just bought two tickets for Celtic Illusion Dance Show for April 25. I would like to take my girlfriend there. She is coming in less than a month and I have planned everyday for her, to have a nice and interesting time here.

I order some funny and colorful shirts for the beach

We are going to Mayan Riviera in Mexico and we will be there 8 nights. I am so happy, I haven't been on the sea in last two years. I have order some new shirts for that trip. 

I am going to do yoga now, I slept after work and I feel rested now. Last week was crazy time at work, so much problems but I performed well. Next month is very nice one. I will receive a yearly bonus and it's great because I really need money for my trips.

I have already paid all air-tickets and accommodations for Mexico and Amsterdam trips as well as for Serbia. It's a lot of money but I don't regret any. I enjoy my life while it lasts.

I always go back to my daily yoga practice. It is invaluable in helping me stay healthy, be stronger physically and mentally. It gives me the orientation of something bigger, deeper, and more meaningful than today's headlines, anxieties, and stress. Ironically, I need my practice now more than ever, to stay out and above of this insane world.

The yoga practice starts a night before of actual rolling out the mat on the floor. Early retiring to bed, quiet and cozy evening, with the spiritual book, is the best place to be after the hectic working day.

I should never forget who I really am. I don't need anything. I am complete here and now.  My cynical negativity sometimes I express on this pages is not real. My desire to always do something, actually, only intensifies uncertainty and unhappiness. However, I know, this negativity is just my ignorance and not the whole story of my life.