embarrassing is an adjective describing something that makes you feel shy or ashamed.

Keys falling out of a pocket into the toilet, ending a work call with “I love you”, complaining about someone when they are standing behind you, replying to all while texting the person you were gossiping about, sending a naked photo to a niece by mistake... are just examples of embarrassing and awkward moments.

A poll of 2,000 adults found that more than eight in 10 have experienced an “what-a-fuck" moment at least once in their life.

I have my own share of embarrassing moments. Oh well, it was so damn many of those...

When I was 7 years old, at the classroom I was placed in the last row besides the window. At that time I was really naughty I used to spit over through the window. And once after I did it, someone, in the middle of the class, opened the door, looked at me and said" "ah , I know now who spat on me". He complained about it to my mother and of course I was punished.

I was around 31 when I attended Italian wedding here in Toronto. And we were standing drinking wine and talking. A lot of Italian people were there and in conversation I wanted to show that I know italian and instead to say "mamma mia" for some reasons unknown to me, I said "porca madonna".

I have so many such language related embarrassments at work. Once, I was in an important meeting about a serious problem, managers and business analysts and developers were there and even a director. We discussed solution and one part it is given to me to work on. Director asked me do I feel comfortable to do it... I answered of course that is "a peace of shit" work. I wanted to say "peace of cake". Everyone laughed so hard. 

But that is nothing in comparison with the biggest awkward moment in my life.

It was Sunday, May 7, 2006. It was a third day of Yoga Conference in Toronto and I was on Dharma Mitra's yoga class. The class was called "Psychic Development using Yoga". We did some yoga posses and then we sat around teacher to listen the lecture. We all had notebooks to take notes.

The class was going on and I noticed that an attractive blonde in orange tights were turning around often and looking into me. At one moment she gave me a peace of paper. She wrote there a phone number, and then "fuck me, Jennifer". 

I was holding that paper and reading it while Dharma Mitra, was talking about "cultivation of desires and sexual energy" and the importance of "purity" and yet, I was there having a full erection. 

I was boiling from desire. I looked at the girl in front of me and she was smiling. She turned her head pretending to listen to the teacher.

I don't remember what happened next. I lost my sense of time and I just remember laying down in shavasana with enormous erected cock. I felt like everyone is seeing it. So after couple of minutes I just jumped , took my yoga mat and went outside.

I was so angry at myself. I was there because of yoga, my goal of self-realization, spirituality, and now I was ashamed of my feelings. I ripped off the phone number and went home disappointed. 

Oh boy, how many times later I regretted ripping off that paper.