My friends as you noticed I have deleted all posts in RELATIONSHIP category. I will not write such articles on my blog anymore.

I have a girlfriend I love and respect so writing about my past experiences is not nice. It is neither nice to her nor for those women I have been with. 

Birthday present from my girlfriend 💓

"They lived happily ever after" are empty, meaningless words. On the surface, it looks like so easy. You meet the one, the love of your life, and you get together and you live happy ever after...

It is like a ferry tale, although I believe in Tooth Fairy and of course in Santa Claus, let me tell you Eastern Bunny is a stretch but many of you still believe in the idea that once you meet the love of your life, you have to remain forever or else it doesn’t count.

Like most of you, I have had my share of relationships ranging from the memorable to the forgettable. Some of the most memorable is of course my marriage but it didn’t last. It is the one that I never speak about openly except after couple of beers, as a warning to others.

Lately, though, I have come to a realization — what if the love is meant to have an end date

It is possible but a perfect couple is a rare thing, all I know is that relationship is a fight, usually for years, only to split up at the end. In most cases, it wasn’t even anyone’s fault but rather they grew apart and found they no longer suited each other.

Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to have RELATIONSHIP category on this great blog about nothing?

I am practicing, new schedule has started

The 20 years of spiritual reading, searching, practicing and studying have left a deep influence on my psychological makeup. 

We want more of life but what I see, what I understand are lies. The sense of presence is the first lie, just imagination, everything else we've built on it: the feeling of "me", ego, personality, perception, universe, the world, nations, love, hate, desire, passion, anger, greed, lust... relationships.

So my friends, no more RELATIONSHIP posts. Okay.