My friends, in an hour I'm heading towards airport. My darling is coming. I'm so happy and excited. 

You see, I live my life as a fun, as an amusing thing. I find that my mind begins to settle down without any effort on my part to control it. I try not to have self-importance. I don't judge people or things so I have no guilt. When my mind is thus quiet of itself, I'm happy and I see what it is to be awake.

Do you know what being awake is? It is to laugh, to take delight in anything or nothing, to know the joy of living, laughing and looking straight into the face of life without any sense of fear.

I'm not a mature person and I take that as a great advantage. I may be 57 but my thinking is much younger. I have reached a point to let go of everything. The giving up is the key to happiness. But the real giving up is the realization that there is nothing to give up - for nothing is my own.

It is very important to be cool.

If there is no feeling of an inward joy, life has very little meaning. To find the joy is not easy, maybe stop looking for secure position with well established interests. 

There is no person. I am just a thread of memories, loosely coupled with feelings and sensations.

Awakening is not merely a matter of sitting in lotus position meditating, which is good thing to do, but which has very little in itself. To find out what is true you must be in revolt against your old self.

There is no new self... there is just presence.