I did not write about my yoga practice for so long. You guess it right, in 2022 it was a sporadic almost non existent practice. Only 20 yoga practices so far in this year but that's going to change. From today I will do yoga practice every single day.

What I really do in my life? Not much. The ashtanga yoga half primary practice is everything to me. I can freely say that only due to yoga I have a good health and youthful look. (at least in my eyes). I don't use any skin creams or medication to look good, I never used Viagra or anything else for the potency... I don't need such things and for that I'm grateful to ashtanga yoga.

The ashtanga yoga practice is hard. It takes me at least 45 minutes to complete the half primary series of forward and back bending, all standing postures, trigonasanas and warriors poses, headstand and sholderstand and I will add handstand too. Slowly I 'm going to increase my practice with strengthening poses like various planks as well as some Pilates exercise for fighting of my belly fat.

Generally speaking I really have no concerns in my life. I live without self concerns but I need to pay attention to certain things that are important to me at present time. If I have to make a list of those things I will start with yoga practice. Everything else comes after the yoga.

The ashtanga yoga practice is strange. It is physically difficult, if you do it properly, it is boring, it demands living mindfully. Practicing yoga daily is a way of living. You cannot do the practice today if you have gone to bed previous night drunk. You cannot do it on full stomach and you cannot do it when you're hungry. No way you can do practice after you drunk even a glass of beer. 

Yoga offers so many benefits, physical, mental and emotional and yet so little people do it. I like to do my yoga practice more often than going to doctor's office for some medication. I have shown the ashtanga practice to my friends and we did it almost six months and I don't understand why they are not doing it alone, why they stopped it.

Anyway, fast forward to the present moment, my main points of concerns are:

1. Physical Exercise - Daily ashtanga yoga practice, daily, long walking in High Park and gym exercise, weights lifting. I want to look good and be without belly fat. I need get rid of my sleeping during a day and have more energy. I would like to change my sleeping pattern, and sleep from 11 pm to 6 am straight, without waking up. There is no need to take any nap during a day.

2. Healthy Eating - I have already lower down the use of bread, I have stopped ordering pizzas every weekend. I don't eat in the bars and restaurants anymore. At home, I've stopped eating fatty yogurt, I replaced it with 0% fat one. No sweet stuff too. For sugar cravings I eat dates. Also, I am having a magical drink (cucumber, lemon, parsley and ginger) every night before sleep.

3. Money Saving -  If I continue spending $150 every time I go out I will break my budget for other important thigs. I will go to Amsterdam to meet my girlfriend in June and later in the year I'll go for more travel. I've set nice budget for that without going into debt. I have to be financially responsible and have limitation in spending.

4. Work, Conversion Project - At my job I'm getting busy with conversion project. I need to get focus, take leadership and finish that project successfully. The production implementation is in September and I need to get it done by the end of July. I have 2.5 months to finish it so I'm fully aware of that. I'm going to work hard.

That's all.