For so long your senses, like a silk, nourished your temperament. 

You knew, only sex and heart together could create ecstasy.

The source of sexual magic is curiosity and passion. 

Your little flame almost died on marriage's monotony. 

Without feelings, inventions, moods, there were no surprises in bed. 

Sex must be mixed with tears, laughter, words, promises, jealousy, envy... travels, stories, dreams, fantasies... music, dancing, wine...

Sex loses all its magic when it becomes mechanical, overused and overdone when ecstasy becomes an obsession.

Sex becomes a bore when it is not mixed with emotions, with waiting... with desire and lust. 

The intellectual, imaginative, romantic and emotional ecstasy is what brings you to me.

How much do you lose your daily-self when you enjoy? 

Those never repeated wonders.

That, ultimate escape.

Never cut the poetry from the sex for I'm aroused by true love, innocence and perversity.