Last night I got an interesting Viber message from my ex-girlfriend. I was not in contact with her for a long time so I was surprised to see it. She's probably reading my blog and somehow she concluded that my current relationship is not so good. So she offered some advises.

I'll not post everything what she wrote but in the nutshell here is:

Love is an intimate need so people feel vulnerable admitting it. But I'm happy to say, I have found a girlfriend I was searching for. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever seen. 

We met by accident. My good friend from Toronto was visiting Belgrade and with his girlfriend he attended a birthday party. It was a lockdown time in November 2020. At that party my friend was surrounded with lots of women and he called me on Viber to tease me.

He turned his phone around to show me his company. I asked him, who is that cute brunette in the corner, instead the answer he gave her his phone so we talked a bit. Later, I sent her the Facebook friend request and that's how we started...

In November and December 2020 we texted a lot but nothing was happening so at the beginning of 2021 I stopped sending her messages, I deleted her from Facebook friends and I forgot about her completely. 

Somewhere in July 2021 her profile came as a friend's suggestion and I clicked on it to see her page.

She posted some photos from the sea, she looks amazing. At that time I was without a girlfriend so I send her a message on Facebook Messenger. I told her I lost her phone phone number. She replied that I did not lost it but I deleted it. We smiled, she gave me phone number again and we continued out texting.

In September 2021 I wanted to go to Serbia to meet her but it was pandemic times and situation there was not so good. She had a business trip to Amsterdam in the beginning of December so I decided to go there and meet her. We got very close in the following months. We texted every day and we got to know each other.

But when December came I got sick, I had eye pain and I had to have laser surgery so I had to cancel the trip to Amsterdam. I was so disappointed and after the eye surgery I decided to go to Serbia at Christmas time and spend a New Year Eve there. 

On December 24, 2021 we finally met, she was waiting for me at the Belgrade airport. In those three weeks we had truly wonderful time.

In January 2022, she applied for Canadian visa, she got it in March and she came to visit me in April. She were together 15 days, we went to Mexico, Mayan Riviera for 8 nights and it was amazing. 

Now, we will meet in Amsterdam in June and I am impatiently waiting to see her again. 

She is a very private person, she is not like me she doesn't post her life online on social media but she gave me a permission to post her photos on my blog. I was so thrilled to hear that. I will not abuse that trust, I will be very careful what I am writing about her, about us and what photos I'm posting.

In my previous posts, I may sounded as unsatisfied, that "bittersweet nostalgia" etc. that I have written here may let you to believe that. I just want to say that she has no patience with bullshit so my stupidities and laziness are easily seen in her company. It is not that I feel inadequate in her presence but rather I see a need to change for a better. 

We are a nice couple, we stand out from others. That's fine but I really want to further work on myself. 

So my dear ex you got some things so wrong. Try to understand. I classified this post in FUN category and it should be take as that. Life is fun, it is fun of living that I'm describing here, love, laugh, pleasure and good time...