It is Tuesday morning, 7:30 am, I am sitting on the balcony and having my first coffe of the day. My girlfriend is still sleeping.

We are still in Mexico and tomorrow we will be heading home to Toronto.

I am having the best vacation ever. Yesterday we went to visit Chinchen Itza ruins. It was interesting seeing different culture and for us, some unbelievable customs.

Maya means "cruel". This name was given to that civilization. It was taken that Mayan custom to sacrifice small children and others in the name of the blood offerings to god to be very cruel.

Our turist guide made an effort to explain such custom but it was not well accepted.

Different civilizations brings with itself their own rules of behaviour. I am against judging their customs. We are far from being perfect too.

Our world is as cruel as Mayan world. We have made the money to be our god and we follow it without exception.

When Spanish solders came in contact with Mayan people  here in this part of the world, they asked what is the name of this place... Mayan answered Yukatan... which means I do not understand.

That is so appropriate. We will never understand their culture and their way of life and their values because we do not understand our own ways.

Every civilization on this sorrowful planet had its picks followed by its destruction.

We are presently living at the end of "the capitalism" era and at the beginning of new modern age if techno-man.

Technology will further separate people from Nature making them robot like. 

That new humanity of a modern age will look at us as a savages just like Spaniards looked at Mayan world.