My dear friends, 

I have accomplished a lot in my 2022 Life Change Project. After years of endlessly and loudly complaining finally I got a courage to do something about it. 

In May, I have built a new resume, I applied for a job in Malta, I wanted to move there, then some local job agents started to contact me regarding the job opportunities here in Toronto... and I got the interview, the first, the second and I got the job offer on June 6, which I gladly accepted.

The background check went smoothly and I signed the contract on June 9. I'm starting new job on July 4. I am going to work for my own company giving services to well known American Bank. I'll make a lot of money and I mean a lot. 

I sold my old (2008) Mazda 3 and I bought (2019) Nissan Quashqai. I like my new car and I need it. Two days in a week I will be going to Mississauga office to work over there. 

The one of the most important next step now, before July 4, is to change my sleeping pattern. I'm sleeping during a day. I usually wake up around 4 am and then I lose time by reading the internet, generally I do nothing just to get bored and tired so I go back to sleep around 6 or 7 am. I woke up again around 8 am and again go through the morning coffee routine...

I start work from 9 am and around noon I am tired and ready for a nap. So the lunch time I spend sleeping and very often I take a nap after work around 5 pm. just to wake up at 8 or 9 pm. This sleeping pattern is what has left from the lockdown times. I have never change it. But now I simply must do that.

From tomorrow I am going to force myself to be in bed according to the schedule. I will not get up before 6 am, no sleeping during a day at all, and I am going to bed at night between 10 and 11 pm. This is crucial for my successful future.

I have recognized two reasons that finally started my Life Change Project at this particular time. The first is LOVE and the second is PERSISTANCE. 

I love my girlfriend and that love has gave me a courage to decide to move with her to Malta. It did not worked that way but I ended up with a job change and a contract here in Toronto. 

The second reason is the Persistence I learned while practicing Ashtanga yoga for so long. Ashtanga yoga is a style of power, vinayasa, yoga meaning the postures are always the same, you breathe in each posture 5 breaths and then you move to another posture. There is an exact way of breathing, called ujayi breathing, where you inhale through the nose and exhale through the neck. Also there is predefined drishti (look), you look in the exact places defined for each pose. Once in the pose you try to go deeper and deeper into it. You stretch your muscles more and more and that makes ashtanga yoga practice very hard. 

Ashtanga yoga practice is an ultimate boring endeavor. Difficult, boring and hard! But you need to do it 6 times a week. Only when it is allowed not to practice is Sunday and new and full moon days. That's it. All other days you have to practice 45 to 60 minutes of yoga.

I practice daily ashtanga yoga as I can. I have goal to practice is 4 times a week and I always tell you about my laziness and missing the practice due to other things. But, I do it. It is the Persistence that you learn in practicing Ashtanga yoga and it is this virtue that you can apply for anything you do in your life.

For the rest of June I have to practice every day. I will be going to Amsterdam to meet my love so I will not practice it from June 23 to 26, and that's fine. However, all other days I have to, I simply must do the Ashtanga yoga. I'm 57 with a nice look, without wrinkles, with large shoulders and strong arms... and with very good health. All that is a consequence of my daily yoga practice. 

My friends, here I have a plan for the future. From July things will be different in my life and have to be physically and mentally ready for the change, The Love gives me the courage and the Persistence gives me the strength to be still young and to continue to live my life like it is an great adventure.

It is nice that you read my blog and you know details of my life. I think everybody should have something like this, a blog or a diary, whatever, to write stories as they happen. Putting your thoughts on the display is not easy but with a practice things tend to be better. 

Write to the universe at large, something that everybody can read, prove or disprove, it doesn't matter. You also can read it after a month or three or after a year or ten years back. Only then you may understand your mind and your life better.