My Dear Friends, how are you? 

How is going your life? Have you started to recognize that internal dialog, the voices in your head, which consists of negative thoughts in the form of judgments, blame and criticism directed toward others and yourself? If you read my blog carefully maybe you will be able to see it for yourself and just by seeing it things will start to change.

Let me I ask you... Why do you read my blog? Is it because you want to have a pick into someone else life or you are interested in some other, unusual, point of view? Are you interested in what I do, Am I going to move to Malta?, How my long distance relationship is going?  or Are you interested in awakening, becoming a conscious human being?

According to the number of views which each post on this blog have I could tell you are just interested in my life, you're not much into awakening. Okay, if this is so. I'm an introvert and my doctor, psychiatrist, advised me to write my thoughts online in the form of a blog. That's how I started my first blog back in December 2012.

It is natural to be curious in someone else life, I don't blame you however I pledge pay attention to the awakening. Being aware in life is the most important thing you can do while being alive. Your desires and wishes will come true only if you're aware and fully conscious.

The current situation in my life getting into shape slowly. I wanted to go to Malta to join my girlfriend over there but so far I had just one interview with hiring agent. I'm not sure if they want to proceed with my application. Some other agency also contacted me but they offered 55,000€ salary and I could not accept the position. 

I spoke with my girlfriend about Malta and her first impression about the life on the island is not so encouraging. She was there five days and she says it is so hot and humid even it is only May. June, July and August are really tough over there. There is no AC in every apartment. The weather is very humid. During winter there is no heating system and although it is outside around 10C it is very cold in the apartments. Overall cost for electricity is around 400€ per month.

The price for renting apartment has been going up steadily during last 2 years. The rent for two bedroom apartment with a balcony is around 1200 to 1500€ and up. The groceries bill is still low comparing to Canada. And all this can be manageable... but my girlfriend business has a big drawback. She cannot start new company over there as she initially thought. The business account, without that you cannot do much, cannot be issued for more than 6 months and that creates a big problem.

I have decided to turn around from Malta and concentrate the job search here in Toronto. My wish is to start contracting again, to reinstate my company Zmark Software Inc.. I had an interview yesterday and it went very well. It was a technical interview and the interviewer wanted to meet me again on Monday for the second time. His boss, the hiring manager, will be there. 

If I get this job I would have to travel to the office. They are located in Mississauga, which is good, it is opposite from traffic. I would go 3 days in a week to the office, it's a well established financial institution. I must have a car. Today, I bought 2019 Nisan. I have decided to buy Nisan Qashqai SUV. I like the car very much. 

My life is going to change dramatically. I will be a contractor, and with a better pay comes more responsibility in daily work. I'll work 8 hours a day, going to the office, seeing new people and having new tasks. I'm all for it. It was the time to break my old life and Malta and my girlfriend have helped me to be here where I am now.

I am so grateful to her that she, even by product of something else, inadvertently, moved me from my long waited life change. I love her with all my heart, I'll help her to get Canadian Landed Immigrant papers. I'll see her on June 23 in Amsterdam and we are going to spend 4 wonderful days together.

My dear friends, that's would be it for todays post. It is about my life and you will probably read it to the end. Thank you, but please read the other posts as well. Have a nice day.