Yesterday I had the second interview and I got the job offer. It's wonderful opportunity and lots of money. I accepted the offer, I'm starting the new duties on July 4th. I will work two days in a week in the office in Mississauga and the rest from home. I feel excited and I have a lot of plans.

Also yesterday, I've started an application to sponsor my girlfriend to get the landed immigrant papers to Canada. There are bunch of forms that requires signatures and supporting documents. Together we have completed the most. I will try to finish it today and mail it tomorrow. 

It's 6 am and I have things to do. In the morning I have to visit the bank in order to open a business account for my company. I was not a contractor in the last 6 years so I closed previous bank account. I tried to do it online but they called me to come to the bank branch.

Today I have to call Canada Revenue Agency to reinstate GST and Payroll accounts for my company. Those accounts I have closed five years ago. Nothing is difficult but these small tasks require my time and patience.

In the afternoon I will go and pick up my new car. Very busy schedule. I have to work too, I will log in to work now, at 7 am. 

The background check for my new job should be done today so final signature for the contract work will be done some time in the afternoon. After that I'm going to send a Letter for Resignation to my current employer. You know well those words: "With a mixed feeling I'm going to inform you that my last day of work at your company will be on..."

My friends, you who read my blog on daily basis you have noticed that I brag about my wish to change life in the last two years. And finally I got the opportunity to do so. From July I'm going to live a different life - more conscious, aware and responsible. I'm going to be a good contract worker, I will not fool around, from the first day I' m going to learn their business and be a valuable member of their team.

The money is not everything in life but for me it is a key to be happy at work. Forget about those "have a good time at work" phrases. I say give me money and I will be happy. What I'm going to do with them it is my thing. And I know what I will do... one third will be left for taxes, one third for paying off my mortgage and one third for me to spend it. I am going to travel and meet my girlfriend as many time that is possible.

In last couple of years I was alone. I had some girlfriends but nothing serious and I have wrongly concluded that my dating time is over. I strongly believed that I will never ever find the one I will love with all my heart. But it happened. I have never believed that I will write the words like these...

It is pointless to translate this message to English, it will lose the charm and warmth of what I wanted to tell her, but for English speaking readers just to say, this is a very tender and honest message of love.

It is 7 am.. I am going to login at my work... busy day have started.