My Friend Damir

I have a lot of friends. My closest friends are Pura, Sasha, Damir, Darko and George. They can count on me at any time and I can rely on them. We go out regularly, we drink beer and get drunk. We are close we know each others well. Most of the time we pick on each other, make jokes and laugh, we make fun of ourselves and we had a real good time.

All my friends are interesting on their own way. They are unique personalities ranging from Dr. Pura's cinism, Beautiful Darko's philosophy, Sasha's persistence and George's hedonism but Damir is something not ordinarily met in life. This post is dedicated to him.

I will not write about Damir's life. It is a difficult subject, he had a hard life, he left his beloved Bosnia in high school, went to Germany, after that he worked in Switzerland, then he cross the ocean, arrived in US and later he settled in Canada. 

Today, Damir is a divorced guy building his own house completely alone. We call him the Mason, an Architect. He is a smart and he has a golden hands. 

Couple years ago, one particular Saturday night, Damir did not have anything for dinner but he wanted to have a steak and he decided to go for a gay date. He went and had a good dinner, he pretended he is a gay and he flirted with the guy. When things got heated up he told him sorry you are not my type.

Damir likes to dance and he is very good in Salsa and Bachata but also he dance Tango very well. He told me never to date a Salsa dance teacher. He did that once and according to his words she almost destroyed him in bed. 

I asked Damir about life... he told me:

The life is the struggle for the achievement and self satisfaction and finally when you are old you realize that is not such a thing. 

I am very satisfied with my life but down the deep like everybody else I'm always looking for something better to come. 

If I was born again I would be better son, better brother, better father, better husband, better friend, more forgiving and more loving.

I asked him to tell us something what other don't know about him. He said:

I am so sensitive, I watch the movies and I cry, I read a good book and I cry, I see bad things I cry or I have a good smile and then I cry again.

The most important thing for me will be to have that satisfactory old age. Then decide that I am ready for the next life and leave behind all these struggling to achieve the relevance of being in the life.

I'm very glad to have a person like Damir in my life. I just want to let him know that I appreciate all that he has done. His house is a beautiful, I will never be able to do what he has done. For me he is a hero. 

Good friends are a rarity these days and genuine ones are even harder to find. Damir thank you.