Intention For 2023

As the end of the year approaches, I'm thinking about 2023, and rather than making any resolution, I'm setting my intention to change certain aspects of my personality. I don't give a damn if I 'm right or wrong but for me the intention is a dark matter of the universe, the power that holds the universe as it is.

And in the beginning there was empty waters and then came a word, and word was of God... The "word" is nothing but our desire, our lust for living. Everyone is a support for the universe. Without seeing there is nothing. We are the seers... we enjoy our playful universe.

The personality is a collection of our desires, the sum total of our hopes, beliefs and expectations. By better understanding our own personality we get closer to our real self, to our Being.

I'm grateful to the Universe at large

I'm so grateful for everything I have accomplished so far. I'm grateful for my life free from worries and common nuances.

I'm grateful for my great health, for my flexible body. I'm grateful for my hair and my physical stamina. I'm grateful for my sexual abilities, being 57, I still can do multiple times a day, if you know what I mean.

Lets do regular ashtanga yoga practice in 2023, I will be more serious about it next year than what was the case this year.

I'm grateful to the universe that gave me a wonderful daughter. She is so tender, cute and easy going I have no words to describe her. She is living on her own, working as HR assistant in a large insurance company. I'm so proud of her.

I live an amazing life, in a small cozy apartment near High Park in a specious country with good people, in a vibrant and crazy city. Far away from my birthplace I don't feel like a stranger here. More than half of Torontians are born outside Canada. 

I'm grateful to have a good occupation which allowed me to live according to my wishes. I work for a big American bank as a computer consultant, having a great opportunity to express myself freely, to design and learn at the same time new things, the latest things available on the software market. I do Java, SpringBoot RESTful services, Oracle database, Angular user interface web applications.

I am exactly where I need to be

I have no goals, something that must be done according to my expectations. 

In 2023 lets be more oriented towards self-realization. My focus will be on a simple daily routine. Morning yoga practice, daily job done with effectiveness and passion. 

After work lets do a good gym exercise and walking, a lot of walking outside, finally, at the bed time reading Nisargadatta's notes and a good 8 hours sleep.

Simple life, nothing new

In 2023 I want to have adequate vacations. There must be the exact and appropriate time for the work and time for the rest, work-rest balance. As a contractor I have no vacation days set in advance, I'm simply not paid when I take days off. So in 2023 I want to take a week off the work every two months. 

Next year I want to change certain aspect of my personality. 

Lets be more aware of the sense of presence in my daily activities and interaction with others. The forgetfulness of my own being needs to be set to the minimum. I'll be more conscious with the efforts to perform adequately in this world.

That is my intention for next year... in 2023 let's be more conscious, be aware of my own Being... in thinking, talking and acting.