How is your New Year's resolution going?

Sunday night, I'm making plans for the next week.

Every year, people make New Year's resolution, hoping to spark change in their behavior. The list of what they want to change is quite predictable. Every year the list includes something on the line of health and fitness, money savings and  learning of new subjects for personal and professional development. 

That's all. They say New Year's resolution last until 3rd week of January which is exactly the reason I'm asking you about it. How is your New Year's resolution going? 

Last week I bought a reading lamp. 
I'll spend more time reading before sleep.

I don't follow the crowd. We are coming to the end of January and I'm pressing harder than ever. Because I choose to. I just finished 9th yoga practice from the beginning of January, I went 4 times to gym this month, I walked every second day, I did not drink beer at all but I failed in regards to my daily sleeping rule.

I did not quite follow rule #4 Stop Daily Sleeping. I get up early, very early, 4 or 4:30 am and I get tired during a day so I sleep after work, mostly at 4 pm. I need to pay more attention to this. 

I filled my fridge, food for the week.

Next week I'll lead my life by strict schedule. I will get up at 5 am, I'm setting up the clock alarm, which will signal when I can get up. Yoga practice at 7 am. Work until 4 pm.... then long walking on a freezing weather. Gym around 7 or 8 pm and then reading and sleeping... at 10pm. 

Today I bought the groceries for a week. I spend $190 and I'm not going to spend any money during a week, well until Friday. I have nothing left on my accounts and I have to pay the corporate tax in the February so I have to save money. 

This year, I would like to stay true to myself trying to get what I want from life, but it won't be easy. I have set my intention to be always aware, with the attention on the sense of presence. I investigate a question "From where did this I am sense coming form?" and I'm not getting answer but I'm seeing myself in the new light.

I'm ready for the next week. Let's do it...

I noticed I easy promise things. The most of the time I do what I promise, especially to my daughter or friends. But sometime I simply cannot do what I promise to do. That makes me nervous and I get angry on myself. I must stop promising... completely.

Why do I do that I really don't know. Maybe I'm insecure, maybe I want to look better in their eyes, maybe I promise things, especially to buy gifts, because I want to impress them. 

I should stop doing that. I'll make a new habit, I'm going to say "I'll see but I don't promise" for anything that I do. That's it. I need to be aware, a consciousness human being.