It's a party time

The truth is I have nothing to do. I like to be alive, but I don't really have anything to do while alive. I like to sit and be. 

I have no ambition, nowhere to go, no one to be or become. I don't need to distract myself from anything or convince myself of anything. 

There is nothing that I think isn't as it should be, and I have no interest in how others see me. 

I have nothing to guide me except my own comfort or discomfort. I don't seem to be too bored or unhappy about it, so I guess it sounds weird.

People are working hard but getting nowhere. They are always on-the-go, always busy, always in the past or future and their thoughts never stop.  

For me a good life is simply waking with a smile on my face feeling good about the day I am about to live and, at the end of the day having a smile on my face feeling good looking forward for a good night sleep. I feel like I am the richest person alive.

Today I got a wonderful news. I'm returning back to my old company where I was working 24.5 years but this time as a contractor. I will start there on March 6. I'm so happy to go back, I'm tired of constant micromanagement at the current company.

I work professionally and fast but I'm not fond of micromanagement where I have to report every single day what I have done, when I have to actually show the code done in that day. I like working on my own schedule.

Fuck that, it's a party time...