Getting ready for Rome

Getting ready for the trip to Rome, Italy

If you don't follow my blog but you came from a Facebook and you just read this post, you might wonder what I'm actually writing about. Well, I'm writing about awakening, spirituality, yoga and daily life. To be quite honest I'm just having fun.

I don’t assume that my viewpoint is the only way. You may read these posts and don't agree with me. That's fine. I very often don't agree with myself either. 

I'm meeting my girlfriend in Rome. We will be there 9 days

I'm thinking for myself and I'm seeing my mistakes. What I'm not quite sure is this life my show, is it my dream or just randomly and loosely connected events. But honestly, who the fuck cares. I need to save money, smoke less, drink less and exercise more. Spring is here. Today in Toronto is sunny, still cold but it feels nice.

I know only one thing, everything is a bullshit, there is nothing to be understood in life and there is no meaning to all this. I have noticed something, the stronger personality you have the less you will agree with me.

My tendency is to take things for granted. I usually get tired of life because I'm so lazy.  "I don’t feel like it” is my main saying. I spend a lot of time asking myself, “What am I living for?” I have the courage to keep that question at the forefront of my mind.

My daughter with her adorable cat

I want to say that my life values are the things that I believe are important in the way I live. They determine my priorities and actions, and, deep down, they're probably the measures I use to tell if my life is turning out the way I want it to.

When the things that I do, the way I behave, match my values, life is usually good – I'm satisfied and content. But when these don't align with my personal values, that's when things feel wrong. So this may be the source of my happiness.

My core values are daily effort for yoga practice, consistency, harmony, being conscious, with integrity in what I do, say and think, honesty, as opposed to lying, devotion and dedication to my life's goal. 

I can't stand noisy people

I'm not living for anything in particular. But while I'm living I want to maintain a peace of mind. In this restless world which is full of daily problems, stupidities, misunderstandings, errors and omissions keeping the calmness and having a peace of mind is a rare thing. 

I try to live my life laughing to my imaginary problems, the ones that exists only in my head. I do things I like, reading, walking, exercising. 

I don't expect too much out of this dream called life. 

I try to surround myself by people who brings me positive attitude. I run away from anyone who makes  doubts, raise unpleasant emotions and surrounds itself by mystery and negativity.

Passport, 6 shirts, 6 t-shirts, 5 underwear, 3 socks, pajamas, and jeans

My life goal is clear: I want to die with full awareness, without thoughts and unaccomplished desires.

So my life goal is not related to "What" or for "Who" and certainly not "Why", my life goal is "How" I am living this life. I am just another character in the play called life and I want to play this character the best I can.