Rest in peace my friend

This morning my friend Mario passed away in London, England from leukemia. 

In life, we always fear the worst – the death of a parent, a spouse, a child, a relative. We fear that if such a death happens, it will be the most difficult, shattering time in our life. We tend to try not to think what it would be like for us when someone close dies. 

It’s not an experience we can understand until it happens. And then the grief come over us in such a big way that we don't even know what to with it. 

This morning my friend Sasha send a group-chat message that Mario died this morning in the hospital in London. At first, I could not believe and then pain and the grief started. It is a devastating feeling.

Mario was a good guy who you do not meet often. He was living all around world, we joke that there is no place on the earth where he has not been. He held passports from UK, Holland, Canada, Bosnia. He was speaking several languages and he was a talented guitar player. 

Death is an end to an individual. It is the end of a person. It is a death of a body but the emotions, feelings, desires and hopes continues. We, as something beyond consciousness, exist forever. So death is the end of one person, and at the same time, the beginning of a new life for someone and somewhere else.

Rest in peace my friend. 😢