What I do for a living?

Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that is why they call it the present!

In a week I'm traveling to Rome, Italy, to meet my girlfriend. Immediately upon return from Rome I'm starting a very important project. I want to be able to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in daily life. I want to be able to program computer applications that can do that.

That's my next project. In order to accomplish it, I need to know "machine learning" and "deep learning" concepts, frameworks and techniques. So I will start with Java frameworks or maybe I will do that in Python programming language. I will decide the details later.

Implementing a language model like ChatGPT in my daily life is a fascinating and exciting project to undertake. However, it requires my solid understanding of new concepts.

I'm interested in pursuing this project, so I have to start by learning the fundamentals of machine learning and natural language processing. There are many free videos on YouTube available to help me get started.

I'll also look about deep learning, the type of machine learning that underlies language models like ChatGPT. There are many deep learning frameworks available, such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, that can help you get started with building my own language model.

Right now I'm a full stack developer in IT department of large insurance company. I lead a development team and I have my daily tasks to complete. I do Angular typescript UI development, Java, SpringBoot REST micro services and I do all back end processing, Oracle database and PL/SQL programming.

I work from home although they have intention to brings us back to the office, but that not happened yet. I love my job, I enjoy solving daily programming tasks and discovering how things can be done better and faster. I am a computer consultant very much satisfied with my earnings.

One third of my earned money I use to pay off the mortgage I have on my apartment. Second third I spent on travel and the last one on my daily needs.

Last time when my girlfriend visited me here in Toronto, we went to Punta Cana for 8 days. It was fantastic vacation we had such a nice time. After Punta Cana, I'm looking forward to Rome...

Amazing time in Punta Cana, February 2023