Ciao amore mio 😍


Yesterday was a travel day. We woke up late around 9:15 am and we quickly packed our suitcases and headed towards airport. Fortunately our flights to Toronto and Belgrade were both on terminal 3 in period of 10 minuets so we passed security check and border control together. We had a breakfast at the  airport and then we parted away everyone on their own gate.

While we were ruling on the way for take off I could see Air Serbia plane behind us, my darling was there. I had a good seat, 10A, I was alone, nobody besides me, and on the arrival in Toronto I was the first one to leave the plane. That was nice.

Last week I posted so many photos from our trip to Rome, we enjoyed so much our time there. We were spending all day together but we did not a single fight. I told her that this was our best time since we met. We promised each other that we will meet in August. She will come to visit me in Toronto. That's how our long distance relationship works.

It is so beautiful and intense when we are together and so difficult when we are not. However, both of us are very much aware that to live together at the present time is not realistic. We have to wait the end of the next year.

I arrived at 6 pm Toronto time and I was out from the Toronto airport at 6:15. My friend, who supposed to wait for me, was late and I took a cab and left home. My vacation is over, I'm back to my reality.

Today I am starting 30 day of yoga intensive. I am eager to do daily ashtanga yoga half primary practice. I also want to visit gym every second day and do a long walking, the Toronto weather is getting much better, spring is finally here.

I want to create my life as I like it and not having and simply settling for what shows up. People usually won't even dream of a better life, much less take the action necessary to bring about something new. 

Life is a constant struggle, always new challenges. Think about it. I have learned that no matter how difficult the circumstances might appear, there's always a way out. 

I'm going to stick with my daily routine. I'll woke up early, do yoga practice, I'll meditate... 

I have a plan and a vision, the vision for the future, without a plan, is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just nice talking. But a vision with a plan can change things. 

The action is what counts, the one guided with the plan and directed by a vision.