Going into Great Adventure

It’s easy to write when I'm sad, it's easy to write when I'm disappointed or heartbroken, when I'm angry and I'm overflowing with emotional things to say or swear.. I want then to drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes and by writing to channel my inner angst. 

But it’s not so easy to write when I'm happy. Not because I have less feelings or my happy feelings are any less worthy for being written about than my sad feelings, but simply because being happy makes me want to do things rather than write. Being happy makes me want to go out and enjoy my happiness.

I'm going into a great adventure, maybe the greatest in my entire life, but what is life if not an adventure.

I'm fully opening the door of my life to my girlfriend. Yes, she has accepted my proposal. I can't explain how I feel at this moment. I love her so much. 

There are so many things to be done, suddenly I have found myself so busy.

Right now I'm preparing to sell my apartment. Before that, I need to replace the carpet in the bedroom and the bathroom counter-top. Then I need to paint the entire apartment, clean it etc... so it will be ready for the sale. I already went and selected the hardwood floor and the counter-top from Home Depot. They will come on Tuesday to take a final measurement and give the estimate for the work.

I have also started to look into two bedroom apartment which I'm going to buy. To sell my condo and buy new one has to be synchronized. 

My life is going to change drastically. I welcome those changes, I'm really tired of my current life, I had it enough, I want to commit myself to a woman I desire to be with. I did not make this decision easily. I have thought of everything and then I simply made a cut. I want to share my life with her. 

She told me she is afraid, I understand her but I know she is a brave woman. I have never met anyone like her, I'm convinced that we can accomplish anything that we want.