The last day in Rome

Saturday, May 6, 2023... Happy St. George's Day to all who celebrate it. 

It is around 8 am here in Rome, I just got up, drinking my morning coffee. My girlfriend is lazily still in bed. We went to sleep late, well after midnight. 

We corrected our plans for the rest of the year, unfortunately we will not go to Madrid this year. We decided that she comes to visited me in Toronto in the beginning of August and in the beginning  of November and I will go to Belgrade for Christmas time in December. 

Tomorrow we are going back to our homes, I am heading to Toronto and she is returning to Belgrade. Our vacation together is finishing. 

We liked Rome so much and we had so much fun. It is a really a must place for visit. The history is everywhere, good food, and a lot restaurants... 

Yesterday we went for a shopping, I bought a leather jacket and she bought a pair of sandals. 

The prizes in Rome are bellow prizes in Toronto. A draft beer is 5€, pasta and pizza around 10€... a steak 15 to 20€. A nice bottle of wine between 25 and 50€. 

However I recommend you to always check the restaurant prizes before you seat to the table. 

Once we had a tea, tiramisu, a coffee and a small bottle of beer charded 71€... that was ripp off but it happened. 

It' all Rome 😘😘😘