Zorba's Dance

It's Friday night and I did not feel any necessity to go out. It is 10 pm and I'm watching YouTube videos, drinking beer and thinking about recent events. I was busy entire week, working at my job, visiting home depot, scheduling and buying the stuff for home renovations. Also I spend a lot of time online looking and making arrangements for marriage license. 
I'm getting married to my girlfriend, when? I say... soon, because we don't really know the exact day. To be married in Ontario is a simple procedure, you fill out an application and you get a marriage license and then with just 2 pieces of ID you schedule the ceremony, but because both of us are divorced we have to present additional documents. In the case of foreign divorce that makes things much more complicate.

Yesterday, I woke up at 2:30 am and I worked until 9 PM. The long hours, but I enjoyed my work. I work for commercial insurance IT department and yesterday I worked on a mapping algorithm for subscriber premiums. Namely, if there is a large client, like a shopping mall, several companies unite to insure it, main underwriter is a lead company and the rest are subscribed companies. In this situation every company has a percent of participation for the insurance premiums (and there are lot of them - full term premium, applied, premium, return premium, transaction premium, walkaway premium etc...) and I was making different algorithms for the calculation of these premiums.  

My daughter visited me around noon, I made a lunch, we ate and she left. We talked a bit. I told her that I'm getting married and that eventually, after 4 or max 5 years, we will leave Canada and go to Greece. I felt pain in my chest when I told her that, I saw how much I love her and how much I will miss her.

Then I realized how my girlfriend feels. She will leave her family, her job, friends and her way of life and she will come here in Canada to live with me. I realized how big that move for her actually is. I have a responsibility for us, for our life together.

We need to have a clear plan for the future. We are not young couple, starting from zero, looking to create a family. Both of us have already experienced that phase of life. This time things are less complicated. We are getting together to enjoy this life, to have fun, freedom not restriction.

Both of us are brave and crazy enough to go through new experiences. We have love and courage so we are still young. We will stay here in Canada until she gets citizenship and then we are going to sell everything and move to Greece. Greece has so called Golden visa, you get immigration papers there if you buy property at least worth of 250,000€. It is a wonderful country with beautiful weather, it's close to Serbia and it's good for the remote work. I'm planning to find a company where I can work remotely.

Nothing will happen overnight. Slowly, step by step, first marriage then her immigration to Canada, then selling and buying a new place for us... living together and finally moving to Greece... Where do I see myself in 5 years? well, in shorts walking on the beach. 😍

I give up my secrets on this blog breaking the walls I've built around me. In real life I like to keep people at an arm's distance and very seldom I speak about myself. Here, on these pages I disclose what I do, think and intend to do so completely that I'm really like an open book. I like it, you can read these pages but there are much more, the rest of the pages are blank waiting to be filled with selfless love.

Don't define yourself as a victim of the world. If you do it, if you have a strong, unchanging character, you will suffer tremendously. The love and happiness are only possible when there is the lack of the self.

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