May You Find Peace, Love And Happiness in Your Life

In two days autumn is coming. On September 23 the day and night will be equal length, then slowly it's starts to get colder while daylight diminishes more and more. 

I like this period of the year, cool nights and warm days. But it's a bit tough for yoga practice because it's cold in my apartment, the heating is not yet turned on. It takes a good 10 minutes of sun salutations to warm up my body, but what can I do.

Cheers 😍

There is nothing new in my life these days. I work hard at my job, going out meeting my friends, doing yoga and sporadic meditation, nothing unusual. I have started cooking at home again. Yesterday I made moussaka and it's so delicious. 

Moussaka, my first dish after 2 years of no cooking at home

In two weeks I am going to meet my girlfriend in Malaga, Spain. I'm going to buy engagement ring for her there, she will choose it. Then I will officially propose her. I will take her to an exclusive dinner. I told her she should look surprised. 😉

We are also going to buy each other a wedding rings, she has insisted to pay for mine and I will pay for hers. It's going to be fun in Malaga. 

My lawyer in Serbia just informed me, he has got court order for my divorce in Serbia. I sent him original papers from Canada and they are accepted in Serbia. So now, next step is to get a Serbian document either passport or ID card and to schedule wedding. I don't want to be married like a foreigner in Serbia.

After we schedule the wedding for January 11, we have to reserve the restaurant in Belgrade for wedding celebration. We will have around 20 guests.

Autumn is here... I don't care, I am neither happy nor not happy, I'm indifferent

What does it mean to be happy? 

Is it that momentary sensations of forgetfulness of the problems, and that disappearance gives you the sense of being happy?

You don't need any prerequisite, nothing essential for happiness. You don't need good feelings, or something to look in the future, neither money, comfort, security, position, fulfillment. 

I can go on and on about the feeling of happiness. The bottom line is that the happiness is a resting place where your mind is not disturbed, where your torturing thoughts cease by its own accord. 

I may put this in different words, I may use different jargon, the truth is everyone is after this place where mind rests, where there is a peace, where there is no sorrow.

I wish you to find happiness in your life

Knowing what gives your life meaning and what gives you a sense of purpose follow the path finding your own way. It is important that you know who you are and that you know what you want

Follow your heart and intuition.. follow your own gut.