My Friend Sasha

I cannot really say who is my best friend. Sasha, Pura, George, Darko, Damir are my friends. We are together for almost 10 years. When I am angry I called them drinking buddies but they are much more than that.

Sasha, the legend, is a special guy. He is 60 but he looks like 45, without any overstatement. He is an amazing guy, no one of us can even come close to his level of energy. He is going out every night drinking and enjoying life in full. 

I knew him before my divorce. When I got divorced I met him in Mount Kettle bar and he introduced me to others. That was in September 2013 and since then we are going from adventure to adventure... without end.

Many people joined us but they stopped going out with us because we drink a lot and we party hard. Few people can follow us.

I feel immensely happy to know Sasha and have such a person in my life. No matter what, Sasha will always have my back.