What Should I Do with My Life?

This is a really scary question but I'm not afraid of tough questions. It is Friday, 1:30 AM, I went to bed early 8:30 PM and woke up around midnight. I had a glass of whiskey, 12 years old Johny Walker - Black Label and now I'm drinking a beer, IPA Octopus. 

I've not been very much social these days. Today they installed a countertop in bathroom and guess what, they measured it incorrectly, it is 6 inch short. When I saw it, I did not got angry, I just said let them be quick to replace it. So now I have no water in bathroom sink. I'll wait for the new countertop. It looks much better I must say. 😍

Here I am, post #270 in this edition of zmark.ca blog, sunny-rainy weather is in Toronto I am ready to press forward. Today they installed laminate floor in my bedroom and all day I got ready for that.

You see, I take my feelings and sensations, moods and experiences and out of all that I create the mirage of inner life, call myself conscious and reasoning being, talk about awakening, about yoga, about daily life with accent on spirituality. 

I write about everything imaginable, judge, discuss, complain but in fact, I don't give a shit about all this. The life, as I lead it, does not really affects me.

I realized the reason for my constant search for happiness is because I was not living the life destined for me, I was living for everyone else and was doing a pretty bad job of it. I want to change that and in doing so, I need to figure out how. 

I know it wouldn’t happen overnight — it had taken more than 10 years to get rid of some false things.

But this is different. I don't know where to proceed from here... Let the universe decides.

I have no comments on this blog, your opinions and judgements are faded away from my thoughts. As long as I believe in myself and trust that I'm living as the best as I can, I truly don't give a fuck about your opinion. 

It is liberating and refreshing and simply the best and most loving thing I ever do for you.