Let's Be Honest

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I don't know how many of you who read this blog are truly interested in personal growth, in spirituality. Believe me, in order to be happy you need to have an abstract goal in your life and to do anything possible to accomplish it. "The abstract" meaning something that is not part of your common, routinely, daily activities.

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All your day, from the morning to the night you think. That chatter in your head, perpetual and compulsive repetition of words of reckoning, calculating and recalculating get you out of touch with reality. You live in the world of imagination. 

Thinking is not bad. You have to plan things, visualize it, consider it, look from all sides but that has to finish. Sooner, the better. Your attention should be placed in a place before words. Let that what you have planned comes on its own. You do necessary steps but for the outcome, leave as it is.

Somebody said that most men lead lives of quiet desperation. For a better of understanding of that you have to look no further but yourself. That’s pretty much how you live. 
Within the prison of your world appears a man who tells you that the world of painful contradictions, which you have created, is neither continuous nor permanent and is based on a misapprehension. He pleads with you to get out of it. You got into it by forgetting what you are, and you will get out of it by knowing yourself as you are. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj
I urge you to observe yourself. See your own personality in action, your behavior. Discover your inner world of lies and frustrations. Discover your own walking sleep.

Then start to ask questions like: Who are you? What are you here for? Who is the observer? How can you awake? 
Imagine you’re in the audience watching a play, and you slowly come to realize that the actors don’t know they’re actors. They think that they’re normal people going about their normal lives, unaware that they’re on a stage, performing. You could never even believe such a  thing would be possible if you hadn’t been up there yourself believing the same thing.

The truth, though, is that nothing is really wrong. Nothing is ever wrong and nothing can be wrong. It’s not even wrong to believe that something is wrong. Wrong is simply not possible. As Alexander Pope wrote, ‘One truth is clear, whatever is, is right.

The perception of wrongness, however, is absolutely critical to the perpetuation of the human drama, right up there with the illusion of separateness and the certainty of free will. Drama requires conflict; no conflict, no drama. If something isn’t wrong, then nothing needs to be made right, which would mean that nothing needs to be done. The belief that something is wrong is the fire under the ass of humanity. 

Fear, regardless of what face it wears, is the engine that drives humans as individuals and humanity as a species. All fear is ultimately fear of no-self.

~ Jed McKenna
The basic driving force in your life is not an enjoyment, curiosity, playfulness, but a fear. 

A dark, deep rooted fear, the fear of not being hungry or cold, of not losing what you already have; the fear of old age, of some imagined security; the fear of missing the mortgage payment of not having enough for the rent; the fear of boss, of mother; the fear of sickness, of divorce, break up; the fear of what other will say, how they will see you and what they will think about you.

Have you ever wonder why do you have these phobias? 

It is because you don't know who you are. 

You are living your life with mistaken identity. You have taken an identity of imagined persona with a name, driver license and credit card. You think that your firm character is something good to acquire in life, that protects you. No, my friend, it just fools you. It makes you serious, rigid and easy to be offended and hurt. 

Observe how you complain, just about everything. How you get offended and red in your face from the words and actions of others; those are signs of your failures in life.

You're not a person who like this and don't like that. Find out who you really are.

A man who finds an expensive diamond on the street and takes it in his pocket is satisfied with the findings, at the same time has fear because he took something that is not his own. 

You have taken your personality for yourself so you have fear.