My friend - Pura

Yesterday my friend Pura returned from Serbia. I picked up him and his kids at the airport and drew them home and then two of us went straight to Kennedys. Our other friends came and we had a kind of reunion. 

Pura is my friend. I like him a lot, he is different than me. He has a strong personality, he is a very entertaining, hilarious guy. 

Most of the time he talks about politics and about all other things that are so wrong in current society. His sharp observation cut through the Trudeau's bullshit liberal Canada. Pura is not afraid to touch issues that we face at present time.

But when he does not talk about politics and when he starts to speak about his experiences than you should be ready to laugh. His logic is keen and straight but a bit twisted and that will make you laugh so hard.

We went to Mexico together with his son, we called ourselves - two and a half men, and we had a blast on that vacation. 14 days of drinking and laughing, it was the one of my best vacation I ever had. We were drinking, playing sports, looking for women... it was fantastic time. 

Once we were sitting with a woman who is so into healthy living style. She didn't smoke or drink, she was pushy, overweight vegetarian, and she were talking to us how she likes walking in parks and how she appreciate nature and support the new bike lines in Toronto streets. 

Pura was so pissed off and he told her.. I would concrete all those trails. I would put concrete on all green spaces, fuck the nature. What can you see there? How long you can be satisfied with such life, by the noon you will be bored to death.

I like his dating stories. 

Once he dated a woman who told him Hey Goran (this is his real name) we don't have any social life, you are only looking to fuck me. We don't go out and meet other people. Pura replied to her, What do you really expect, you are a married woman!!!

Once, after a good sex he asked a woman who was her best lover (expecting she will mention him)? She replied to him - oh well, my best lover was a guy from Belgrade. I had many men so far and let me tell you, even you are not the best, you are the first one I had orgasm sitting on top of you on the first date. He appreciated her honesty.

Pura has many stories but they are not for these pages. 😉

We were born 3 weeks apart of each other. In 2020 we made a birthday party, we celebrated together. It was the last party, March 14, before the corona madness started. Couple of our friends did not come to our party due to fear of infection.

We had fights in the past because I am also stubborn and sometimes single minded too. Once, couple years ago, I don't remember exact reason, I could not stand him anymore, I told him that our friendship is over and deleted his phone number and took him out of my Facebook friends. After a month we reconnected.

This is a thing with the friends. You have to accept them as they are. I have many good friends and a lot of acquaintances. I have to keep a good relationship with my friends. When we get older the friends are all that we really have in life.