Yoga Makes You Hot & Sexy

Everyone who does yoga is sexy as hell! 

Sexy, sexy, sexy! 

Old, young, fat or fit, doing Yoga makes you sexy. Period.

The practice of yoga adds a kind of mystery to your character. You’re more interesting when you are on your spiritual path. People seem to stand up and take notice your difference or better to say - your indifference. The practice of yoga creates a buzz.

What makes people sexy? Of course, the feeling confident, happy, relaxed, calm and large in all aspects of your behavior. Yoga is tough practice, the foremost it teaches you discipline, commitment, endurance and surrender.

It slowly build up your self-confidence. When you take care of yourself and cultivate a regular practice you feel tired for bullshit thoughts. You just find them irrelevant. Your shoulders are back and your spine is straight, head is held high. You're confident and you look confident, people want to be around you. It makes everyone notice you. Self-confidence is sexy.

Yoga is lonely practice, in your room, day after day, you sweat, stretch and bend, breathing in new life and exhaling old, getting rid of difficulties. You notice your sense of self and appreciate yourself more. Sure, saying all the right things might get you wrong perception, be sure that yoga is a struggling experience.

Right, practicing yoga in just shorts with naked chests, makes you look hot. Inversions change your outlook on life, make you look younger and energize you. Constant spine bending and twisting gives you that shine in the eyes becoming more attractive. Everyone wants to be around the energy and life. 

There’s a mystique associated with doing yoga. It is not just a practice but it's a way of life. When you do yoga you don't watch tv, you don't care about news and daily politics, you withdraws from the world, first slowly after in big steps and you’re instantly more interesting, otherworldly.

A strong athletic practice like Ashtanga or Power Flow Yoga builds your stamina and strength. Yoga increases blood flow to vital organs, like your brain. Yes, in the pelvic floor too.

After a while yoga practice becomes a kind of breathing meditation that gives you a peace of mind, gives you the ability to accept more that comes on your way in daily life. Contentment gives you calmness and confidence. Practicing yoga makes you happy, compassionate and conscious of life. Yoga puts a smile on your face, and a real smile is damn sexy!

I know that being sexy isn’t the only reason you should do yoga. Yoga is a tool on the path to self-awakening, self-love and love for others. Whatever brings you to the mat can be the catalyst for changing your life, changing yourself and making the world a better place.

If being sexy appeals to you then practice yoga. Be who you are and practice.